Fans demand answers from Rangers board as meeting requested

Fans demand answers from Rangers board as meeting requested
Highly doubt they'll change tact....

The news today that the RSA (Rangers Supporters Association) demands a meeting with Douglas Park over the direction of the club is intriguing.

The most telling part is most Rangers fans likely forgot about the RSA, whose group was done irreparable damage, rightly or wrongly, when their chief Ross Blyth attended the infamous trip to Tannadice the fans were boycotting.

That was 9 years ago and since then the association has been a largely irrelevant group, so their popping up now to expect an audience with the club chairman is curious.

There are a number of key issues the group wants answers on, but the reality is this board doesn’t engage with the fans.

Ever since the uneasy alliance with Dave King’s Club 1872 group fell apart, Rangers’ hierarchy has shown absolutely no interest in fan interests, only our wallets.

So we cannot expect any group to suddenly get a meeting with them far less have any influence at that level.

This is not a board who have ever run the club to appease fans, to support fans, or to engage with them – to this board we are the customer. And in their eyes we’re rarely to ever right.

We are not condemning or endorsing this approach, it simply is what it is, but if the RSA think they are about to be propelled into a position of importance or even get answers given the board’s track record for fan connectivity, we’d suggest they’ll be disappointed. Que sera

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  1. That’s not to say Rangers supporters don’t deserve some engagement with the Board.

    I agree with Ibrox Noise, but it’s about time the Board climbed down from its pedestal and stopped ignoring the Club’s supporters. We exist and they exist because of us. 2012 proved as much. Lesser lights would’ve gone out. Our’s didn’t and Mr Busman and his coterie of investors better not forget it!

  2. I for one won’t be spending any more of my wages or cash on that excuse for a board and primma donna players. Gio. Get rid.

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