Key Gio admission is absolutely shameful for Rangers players

Key Gio admission is absolutely shameful for Rangers players
Well that lasted long....

A further admission from Giovanni van Bronckhorst has hinted the players quite simply didn’t follow his gameplan, after Saturday’s humiliation at Parkhead.

Speaking after the match, Rangers’ boss was picking through the post-mortem of the disaster, but let slip that his players frankly let him down.

He said:

“I think we were exposed in two times, which gave two goals away, and that’s for me very disappointing because we knew they were going to do that but still we weren’t prepared enough.”

In short, he set the tactics and plan out, but his players effectively ignored him.

This key admission is extremely damaging to the players – Gio hasn’t hung them out to dry quite in the way Gerrard used to, but he offers a rare and candid insight into what they planned and how they failed to execute.

He told his players, he planned with his players how Celtic would come at them – he put in place a system to prevent that having impact, but the group just didn’t follow.

Defence especially had a nightmare, while midfield, as we’ve mentioned many times before, struggled with the non-functioning Lundstram and Davis combination.

So Gio himself, in picking that team, played a role in Rangers’ diabolical afternoon for sure.

But the players didn’t take the responsibility, and the fact that no post-match player interviews were carried out says even more.

Gio had a stinker, but his players really let everyone down.

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  1. It’s nearly always about the players on the day. But we have to look beyond the performance and question our signing policy in terms of quality and our awful record with injured players.

  2. That does not look too good for gio either btw ,players not listening to his instructions ,seems a lack of respect there ,I also suspect that he is too easy on the board ,
    Not that I like to take too much notice of them ,you do have to now that they have pumped us again ,and are well above us at moment.
    When chunky first got the gig over the other side of town ,he did not mess about and demanded money for players ,and he is STILL demanding funds and signings and more effort from players even when well in front from what I hear .
    Maybe gio is just too nice and accepts what is offered to him ,as that is the impression I am getting now .

    • i think the players bottled it and totally forgot any of their instructions, rabbits in the headlights and all that. I’m not defending Gio and he doesn’t need defending, he’s experienced enough and man enough to know the implications. This a club failure, failing in the transfer market, failing at a scouting level, failing at the playing level, the squad isn’t great, too many injuries, too many not interested. I’m not going to name names of the players but if you are involved in a team game, everyone needs to pull their weight, sure you may on occasion get through by carrying someone but when several of the playing 11 don’t turn up then you have problems, in closing and in short, i think the players were scared

  3. On another tangent ,I wanted to find out why gio left feyenoord in his latter days ,so checked Kein geloels views the feyenoord podcasters opinion on him .
    It was mutual with him noting the team was very conservative in style ,dull to watch and the style never changing ,teams working out and negating his midfield and even wee dick brought in to help him as they went on a losing run with 7 iar and his signing record being pretty awful ….my god it does sound very very similar .
    Its the signings that are unraveling us most I think .

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