Yet another senior figure blunders into Rangers postponement row

Yet another senior figure blunders into Rangers postponement row
Absolutely diabolical state of affairs now...

Kenny Dalglish got involved with the increasingly-silly postponement fiasco after siding with the majority who don’t think Rangers should have the Hibs trip delayed.

It’s great how so many people (with absolutely no connection to Rangers) are telling this famous club how to run itself and what is in its best interests.

Especially Celtic people – we REALLY need their input.

The reason this whole thing rose is PSV had their weekend match permanently postponed, to give them 100% focus on the two Rangers legs.

In other words, their whole world is Rangers right now, and they’re focused on nothing else. No distractions. No potential injuries for the second leg either.

Ally McCoist proposed Rangers do the same. That’s right, he didn’t suggest it out of thin air, he suggests the club might want to follow that Dutch example of having no distractions for this one-off shootout.

And the response he got, especially from Kris Boyd, was absolutely out of order. At least Dalglish reasonably suggested why he didn’t think it was needed, Boyd was gutter trash in the way he addressed McCoist.

We see both arguments. We’re not closed minded – Ibrox Noise initially backed Ally all the way, and supported the idea, and criticised the lack of SPFL and SFA support on such a notion.

And in truth we still veer on his side as well, because Hibs is just a distraction at this point now. But we also see the ‘momentum’ angle, and keeping the machine going as much as possible.

But Giovanni is the one who counts and he says?

Gio basically sat a little on the fence when asked – he said he was happy to get as many minutes in legs as possible on Saturday, but that his team selection of resting quite a few key players was with Tuesday in mind.

And at the end of the day, we’re not aware of the club making any requests to the SFA/SPFL like we did in 2008. Maybe because, like then, it would have been rejected.

It is what it is, we go into tomorrow in rather good condition, and we’ll hope for a result we can take to Holland and build on.

Whether Hibs will get in the way of that, time will tell.

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