Rangers defence is a mess: Gio to make recall for Katic?

Rangers defence is a mess: Gio to make recall for Katic?
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Giovanni van Bronckhorst recently confirmed Nikola Katic is finished at Rangers, that he is to find gainful employment elsewhere.

Intriguingly that was some weeks ago and nothing has yet materialised, despite claims Hadjuk Split were to make a £850,000 move for him.

However, defensive frailties have cost Rangers a tonne already this season, with Connor Goldson’s form being especially poor.

With Leon Balogun and Calvin Bassey long gone and Filip Helander permanently on the treatment table, while Ben Davies isn’t up to speed and James Sands isn’t even a proper defender, could there be shock scope for a reprieve for the Croat who frankly has never let the club down when given the chance?

We remember that form he showed in Autumn 2019 – then-manager Steven Gerrard admitted the reason he couldn’t select new signing Helander was the form of the Croatian.

Quite frankly he was magnificent during that period, and was looking every inch a Rangers answer to Virgil van Dijk. Big, strong, quick, and more than willing to put his head where it hurt, Katic was in the form of his life.

Then Gerrard dropped him ruthlessly to play Helander instead.

Effectively, that, all the way back in late 2019, was the end of Katic at Ibrox.

But with the defence leaking a tonne of goals this season, with 7 conceded in 7 matches, could there be any scope to give the Croatian a chance?

The defence is a mess – this is clear. James Sands is a young player who’s having to deputise at the back because new signings haven’t settled and no one else is fit, while Goldson’s form this term is absolutely ghastly so far.

Surely there needs to be a change?

Whether it is Katic or anyone else, the defence is just going to keep ducking out of the way and shipping goals like it’s out of fashion if nothing is altered.

It’s Gio’s call of course, but he’d be wise to make it.

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  1. Katic should have been in the squad once he was fully fit again. It was a mistake by Gerrard and a same mistake by GVB . The man never let Rangers down . Brave as a Lion , always putting himself in the line of fire . Yes he’s not a silky passer of the ball but that’s not a CHs key role its ariel duels and proper defending . If GVB doesn’t sort this it’s his destiny and he’ll have to take what he gets unless he fixes it . Rangers fans will decide .

  2. As I mentioned before the shit hit the fan this season ,Katic imo when fit was our best defender ,I have most ceratinly not seen anything to change my mind with the shambles we call a defence going on .God only knows why gio thinks goldson or sands better .

  3. It is something every fan would love to see, being back in defence, but sadly Gio same as the scouse rhat will not give him a chance sadly and his stubbornness is going to cost us the league and Europe, time to walk away so we have a fighting chance at a trophy this season as fans are losing confidence in you quick and fast, and l fear when we take on the scum in 2 weeks and there will be only one person to blame and it is Gio

  4. Totally agree with other comments. Havnt seen anyone better than katic. Should be seen to be given an oppertunity as many fans feel he has been given a raw deal.

  5. I accept we have problems defensively, big problems, but we’ve had 2 world class footballers reach the same conclusion that Katic isn’t good enough for Rangers. And I don’t see any other manager rushing to our door for what would be a cut price deal that would be close to nothing. That’s got to tell you something.

  6. Our central defence:

    Goldson. Undroppable no matter how many goals he could have done better for and we are actually stuck with him long term. He can do it but we’re just not seeing it at the moment.

    Hellander/Souttar. Both made of glass and if either make it back into the side it will only be a matter of time before they are back on the treatment table.

    King. Will sadly struggle to get a starting chance and will eventually benefit another club.

    Sands?? Lost for words.

    Katic. Would be our Mr Reliable given a chance and surely he can put himself in contention if our indifferent form continues.

    Davies. £4m spent but we’re not yet sure where he will fit in (when fit) if the whole squad is also fit.

    Balogun. Re-sign him for another year? We could do much worse.

  7. Yes they were both world class ,however we have seen that doesnt always equate to a world class manager ,quite the opposite in fact , I also stick to my prediction regarding ged ,he wont see out season at villa ,not a great manager by any means .
    Katic is no world beater sure ,but from what I have seen in past performances he IS better then goldson and sands ….which doesnt take much tbh .

  8. It doesnt really interest me what other clubs think of our players .I am just going from what i have seen in a blue jersey and before his injury ,unless that has taken a yard off him ? he was IMO a better defender than goldson and sands .

  9. That’s my point Stuart. Fans view of Katic is of a young player with some very rough edges that had some potential before injury struck. Gerrard didn’t rate him before his injury, Gio doesn’t rate him since his injury, Hadjuk apparently liked him but couldn’t afford the £3m fee but now the fee has been reduced to under £1m they still don’t want him, and seemingly NO other manager in Europe wants him. That tells me something.

  10. Fair enough robrob ,bear in mind morelos at his best still never had a que people knocking at the door for him .I just think it would be worth a try to give him a run out ,especially with the way goldson has been playing (last night not included ) .
    If he has indeed lost his edge then we MUST go out and sign a good defender ,as goldson not in form ,souttar, helander injury prone and sands unproven v them .

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