SPFL chief explains why Rangers are so important to Scotland

SPFL chief explains why Rangers are so important to Scotland
LIVINGSTON, SCOTLAND - JULY 18: Ian Baraclough Motherwell manager chats to general manager Alan Burrows at the Pre Season Friendly between Livingston and Motherwell at the City Stadium on July 18th, 2015 in Livingston, Scotland. (Photo by Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

Motherwell’s Alan Burrows is currently under siege from death threats after wishing Rangers the best for Wednesday’s UCL play off final and inviting Scotland to support the Famous in our endeavours midweek.

Ok, not really, he isn’t under siege (as far as we know) but the likelihood of Scottish football getting behind our club to support us in getting to the UCL group stage is absolutely non-existent and anyone in our game promoting the idea is likely to be lambasted for the notion.

“This isn’t about being dependent on the Old Firm. The fact of the matter is that this is the world we live in and the clubs need that money. That’s why everyone bar Celtic has skin in Wednesday’s match. Celtic would lose money in the short term if Rangers qualified because them dropping into the Europa League would hand Celtic a big financial advantage. Even so, they should want them to progress because, with ourselves and Dundee United already out of Europe and Hearts losing to FC Zurich on Thursday, Rangers joining would help improve our coefficient and give them a better chance of automatically going into the group phase in the years to come. For everyone else, it’s a helping hand at a time when costs are soaring, particularly on matchdays. Rising gas and electricity prices have made things you might take for granted – floodlights, food kiosks, stadium lighting, energy and staffing levels – far more expensive. There are huge pressures on us at the moment: we’re being squeezed from every side and any additional income would be welcome. At a time when clubs are due to have their annual audit, it would be great to be able to say in that report that there will be £600,000 definitely arriving in the bank in 12 months’ time. For some clubs, that might be enough to prevent the ‘going concern’ notice being added by auditors to their forecast.”

A very extensive explanation, and he speaks absolute sense too.

See, Ibrox Noise was actually behind Dundee Utd (we know, we know) for the second leg, simply put for the same reason. All the hard work Rangers have done re: coefficient would be undone if sides like Utd and Motherwell got dumped out of their European campaigns, especially this early.

We were vocally annoyed with Motherwell for being absolute gubbed by Sligo, and while many Rangers fans giggled at the ‘bantz’ side of things, the very real problem is short to medium term it could cost us (Rangers) in Europe, especially given we put pretty much everything in.

But the chances of the rest of Scottish football getting behind us and wanting us to win is absolutely nil. Some will, the country isn’t completely 100% bitter and backwards, but the majority won’t.

Because they’d rather cut their nose off to spite their face.

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