PSV can be beaten at home, but Rangers DRASTICALLY need to improve…

PSV can be beaten at home, but Rangers DRASTICALLY need to improve…
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - OCTOBER 04: PSV Eindhoven celebrate victory in front of the fans after the UEFA Europa League Group F match between PSV Eindhoven and SSC Napoli at the Philips Stadion on October 4, 2012 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

So just what are Rangers up against v PSV next week? Obviously we know the side we’ve just faced at Ibrox, but the reality of the stats and record is what counts, and when it comes to PSV at home, Ajax, AZ (Eredivisie) and Leicester (Conference League) have all gone to the Philips Stadion and won this calendar year.

So they are most definitely beatable. Copenhagen drew there as well but that’s moot because we need the win, of which they’ve managed 11, with those 4 other results. So it’s P15, W11.

So, PSV can definitely be beaten on their own turf, but the problem is Rangers, in Europe, are absolutely horrendous on our travels.

Aside Borussia Dortmund (minus Haaland, of course) Rangers have not won away in Europe since February in 2021 v Antwerp on our route to Seville, relying on a strong home record to pretty much win every European two-legged affair.

In fact of the last 24 away matches in the Europa League group stage or beyond, we’ve only won 4.

In qualifying it’s much better, 5 of 12 are wins, but UEL qualifying is a gigantic drop down from UCL qualifying so it’s a touch immaterial.

So, what we are saying is while PSV are there to be taken, Rangers will still have to MASSIVELY improve our travelling form at this sort of level – if the shocking performance in Belgium is a clue, we may have our work cut out to do that.

We’ve also spoken about Gio’s own Euro record away from home. It’s horrific. He has only won a single 90 minutes away from home in Europe as a manager – v Dortmund. He lost everything as Feyenoord manager on his travels bar two draws.

So the patterns and omens are… well…. mixed.

Gio is rotten away from home, and Rangers in the UEL group stage and higher aren’t much better, BUT PSV are beatable at home, and aren’t immune.

If our boss can do his homework, learn from his past errors and the side shows up, a win is possible.

But it will take a mammoth effort.

Mind you, we’d expect no less.

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  1. Yes all to play for,but we have hibs to deal with first for an important 3 points,

  2. Colak and Alfie both starting would be a no brained for me as we need to attack from as soon as the ref blows the whistle, no slackers here needed, and l known what you said about Kent, get him started next Wednesday the relax him for as long as he needs, it will be no embarrassment if we go there and get beat next week, only thing is all those plastic paddie scumbags laughing at us like they did when we single handed them a pass into the group stages which absolutely still kills me inside because we failed at every level in the SPL when Gio arrived and he is still not off the hook yet, first time when not if we drop points in the league, people will start to turn on him, Gio is one of our own but that will not matter if we drop silly points

    • Morelos is way off the fitness required to start the match. And we don’t need to go all out attack from the off. We only need to win the match not win by several goals. We need to play on the front foot but be very wary of PSV’s strong attacking players. I think PSV have already shown that if we score 2 then they can too. We have a chance but need the team to turn up and probably 8 or 9 players to give their best performance of the season.

  3. PSV have improved dramatically in the last few months and are far better than Leicester or Ajax.

    Rangers will have to be good but we know PSV were and still are favorites.

    No surprises here.

  4. The game is finely poised ,all level and psv actually need to attack us with the away goals rule way it is .They are not great at home ,we are not great away very evenly matched i would say.
    With the defence the way it is ,I would maybe bring davies in play 3 at back and hit on the break ,with morelos sole attacker as harder worker and more team orientated ,not that Colak has done anything wrong just for this game ,with option to bring on .

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