Rangers player ratings on horror night in Belgium

Rangers player ratings on horror night in Belgium
Rangers' Ryan Jack and Union's Simon Adingra fight for the ball during a match between Belgian soccer team Royale Union Saint-Gilloise and Scottish Rangers FC, Tuesday 02 August 2022 in Heverlee, the first leg in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League competition. BELGA PHOTO LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ (Photo by LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ / BELGA MAG / Belga via AFP) (Photo by LAURIE DIEFFEMBACQ/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

After what maybe qualifies as the worst Rangers performance in Europe for many, many, many years, Ibrox Noise depressing gives you our player ‘ratings’ on a night of pain for the Famous.


Completely to blame for letting a solid shot go right through him. Redeemed himself partially with a modest double save but overall this is a staggering downgrade on Allan McGregor. He was awful at Livi too. 4


He really tried – he made runs, he linked up with others, but he got starved of service after a while and got isolated. Was caught napping for some attacks up the left and will be extremely disappointed with himself and his team mates. 5


Another absolutely hopeless performance from untouchable Goldson, who was hugely culpable for both goals. That’s three Euro goals conceded in a row he’s been largely responsible for. One cost the UEL and £40M for the UCL, the other two may have played a role in costing us £40M as well. 3


He was the only defender actually defending, and he blocked off some big moments for Union. Of all our starting players, he was honest and he gave what he had. 6


Torn apart repeatedly by Union on the right, Barisic had another horrific night, with a complete inability to defend and zero decent crosses worth talking about. He was removed in the second half. 3


Looks a shadow of the old Jack, and either isn’t going to get him back, or needs time. He’s completely short on every area of his old game that made him so special, and doesn’t defend with the vigour he used to. Was a passenger tonight. 4


Keeps on looking less interested as games pass, yet keeps starting, the Fin hardly got involved tonight, almost looking like he was actually avoiding the game. Pathetic and we’d be quite happy to sell him now. 3


His usual honesty but even Big Bad John was hamstrung and unable to impact the match – was being helped by no one and at this level you need your team mates. 5


Very bright start to the match, caused Saint a lot of issues and looked like he would do major damage, but grew out of it and ended up fading to the point of vanishing. 5


This was a truly dreadful competitive debut for the winger – he was isolated, couldn’t make a single dribble stick, and was unable to impact the match in the slightest. 3


Had zero to work with, no service, and the players around him were frankly too dumb to pick out any of his runs. He worked for nothing. 5



This was more of a statement sub than one that had any impact, it was like for like and too late for the Turk to make a meaningful contribution.


His wasn’t a good cameo – looked a bit lost, and was a big part of their second goal. But then like Yilmaz he’s well short of match sharpness.


Has failed desperately to have an iota of impact in either of his competitive outings.


The one dangerous player we had when he came on, actually looked like he gave a sh*t. We’re hard on the kid here on the Noise but credit where it’s due, he gave it his heart and the rest did not. 7


In February Gio got it all wrong and made a hash of our trip to Parkhead. He did the same tonight. Bad substitutions, poor tactics, and a naïve mindset against a Champions League opponent, Union took us apart like Malmo did in the same way, and Gio didn’t fix anything in this one. This was his worst night as Rangers manager, because unlike in February, the second half was absolutely no better than the first – in fact it was impossibly worse. His worst match as Rangers manager. 0

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  1. i think you have been generous with most of the ratings , only one , IMO , deserved pass marks, as you agree , Wright , MOTM performance and only on the park 15 minutes

  2. This performance was back to before Gerrard signed
    Did i miss something but did we actually have a shot on goal ffs,if so i must have missed it,fuckin terrible
    No energy,too slow,gutless
    A lot of work to do at ibrox
    And Gio’s sitting in a fkn seat get off your arse and get them fired up ffs do something not good enough,
    Sands forget it,Tav nightmare,Goldson give it up,
    I hope weve learned something from that embarrassing nightmare tonight

  3. Spot on , absolutely awful . We looked like the underdog. Why Sands he is an athleye that’s it . Goldson is an arrogant gutless prick he is culpable but seems once again untouchable it stinks and could be GVBs downfall . Mclaughlin is no Shagger never, Mc Crorie is better than him. Why Kamara ? he’s doesn’t care a fuck about Rangers . Barasic the same he’s done at Ibrox GVB got it so wrong. Steve Davis , Arfield should have played . It was the worst . Without Kent Morelos and McGregor and Katic we look like a pub team

  4. Goldson could have gave them that third near the end too where he trips up over the ball at the half way line the defender knicks it off him, instead of chasing bk Goldson actually trys to blame someone like he always does, then realises what hes doing to finally try run bk
    Shocking player – 0


  5. I nearly always put responsibility for performances like this on the players. Though players were absolutely not blameless I’m afraid the manager must take the blame for this. Wrong team, too late with subs, wrong subs, bad tactics then sat on his arse and did nothing while the players passed the ball from side to side while getting beat from a rank average European team. We started the game with 5 central midfield players, one striker, one winger and no one on the left. When things went pear shaped we eventually brought on a centre back and a left back. But I would exclude Scott Wright from any criticism. His first thought at every opportunity was to go forward while everyone else played safe. This doesn’t fill me with optimism for the season ahead.

    • Totally correct , it was a disaster Robrob57. GVB needs to getvthis sorted , we can all see the weakness . Goldson is a liability , Barasic is done at Ibrox . We looked so shambolic it was embarrassing.

  6. Colak a 5 you must be joking. Yes he never got service but just like livi on Saturday done sweet fa for the full 90, this is supposed to be an upgrade on itten that’s a joke. Whole performance was a failure though and I agree GVB got the tactics massively wrong, we actually started well with a back 4 then he changed to a back 3???? Totally over ran in the centre of the park!

  7. And i forgot to add in my previous comment, i honestly never knew Lawrence was on until he got booked at the end. The picture quality i was watching was bad as i was bootlegging it off a dodgy site, but still you’d think i’d have known he was out there lol.

  8. No player deserves pass marks for that shambles in Belgium. After 10 minutes the attitude was we will walk this game and consequently they did not get out 2nd gear. Don’t go on about Wright trying that’s thr least we can expect but he is like the roadrunner runs about no end product. Soutar will be relieved he had no part to play in the debacle and people will maybe get off his back. Why not bring Arfield and Sakala on for the 2nd half as Kamara contributed nothing as did the young Welsh winger who didn’t look fit. Badly missing Morelos and Kent and unless there is a change in attitude from the players there is no way we go through. McLauglin should have the first goal and made a couple of crucial saves in the 2nd half. Also penalty award was a joke. Could have lost really badly but all is not lost and a bouncing Ibrox next week could make all the difference. Gio has big calls to make and the first is to drop Goldson immediately as this will prove that no one is assured of there place.

  9. Match could have been 7-0, usg were far superior, The Rangers are very fortunate to still have a chance in the return leg, usg were also playing away as their own ground did not meet uefa crowd requirements.
    I would give The Rangers no more than a performance level of 1, no one gets anything higher as an individual as their team showing was embarrassing.
    All the new signings were missing in action, if you could call that action.

  10. As i feared ,we massivley disrespected/underestimated a team that finished 2 nd in better league than ours .It pains me to say it …but i dont tihnk we are a CL team .
    EUL for another season I think, with that other lot getitng cuffed every other game in CL
    dreadful performance last night as well btw ,not for first time bottled a CL qualifier .

  11. Off topic but annoying me is why the hell have we not worn the Rangers strip of blue shirts white shorts and red and black socks in the first 2 games when there was no colour clash. Should only change strip when there is colour clash and that red and white strip is honking imo. I know in the grand scheme of things it may seem trivial but it has been annoying me for quite a while


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