Rangers need just two more men

Rangers need just two more men
He said no thanks... to Mooy....

Every area of the pitch now has armaments – while we only have one RW in the new-arrived Matondo, it’s better than the none we’ve had for about 10 years.

Which leaves just two positions which really still need work.

Striker, and attacking midfield.

In terms of striker we have the recovering Alfredo Morelos, who is a potential distance away from being fit, and new addition Antonio Colak. You can count, at a stretch, Fashion Sakala and Kemar Roofe but neither of these are durable or reliable as things stand. So we’re thin there.

But attacking midfield is desperate – just Alex Lowry fits in there, and he didn’t train in Portugal, instead working on his fitness and physique in the gym. So not only is he behind, but he’s still pretty green and pinning all hopes on a 19-year old boy who’s unfit is a bit short sighted.

Joe Aribo is of course gone, and Ianis Hagi might as well be the same. Rangers were working on Angelo Fulgini but he reportedly chose German side Mainz instead, after Angers refused to bring the asking price down to a level Rangers were comfortable with. The latest link is Bayern youngster Malik Tillman of the USA but he’s only one year older than Lowry so we’re not sure the point of that.

No, we’re a bit lacking in there, and from having Aribo, Hagi and Lowry at the turn of the year, currently we kind of have none of them.

The only senior AM we have isn’t really one at all in the form of Scott Arfield, but that’s stretching it.

Striker and AM certainly need attention and we’re sure the manager and his staff are working hard to get a couple more badly-needed bodies in before the UCL qualifiers.

But while this article paints a grim picture of those positions, the overall picture is much brighter, and we’re infinitely happier with the shape of the squad now.

Just a little bit more and it’ll be perfect.

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  1. Yes i agree another striker for sure,if Colak gets injured,then what,
    Backup needed

  2. Spot on , been saying it goes a few weeks . We really need another proven striker who can fit. Stewart of Sunderland fits the bill . In midfield I would try to get young Tilliman. Him and Lowry could be amazing .

  3. I cannot see the board/wilson sanctioning another striker signing unless one or 2 leaves ie roofe or sakala ,no point bringing in another unless better than we already have and for strikers that is cash and plenty of it .Morelos .roofe and colak getting paid rather well i would imagine .
    Just an example ,say we went for dykes who imo is better then sakala 6-10 million fee and 30-40000 a week no chance .

  4. With Matondo coming in I think Lawrence will fill in as an attacking midfielder. I still think Arfield can do a turn in there when asked. And I hope Lowry gets his chance. But I’d still like to us get someone with a proven record in there. With 2 fast wingers stretching the play someone who can spot gaps through the middle and pick out the required pass (I think Lowry can) would be the final piece for me.

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