Frustrated Gio deserves better than this from Rangers’ board

Frustrated Gio deserves better than this from Rangers’ board
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 05: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Manager of Rangers looks on during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final Leg Two match between Rangers and RB Leipzig at Ibrox Stadium on May 05, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Today we saw a shockingly impertinent comment on Ibrox Noise, defending the deafening lack of signings:

‘Don’t like it? Give up your season ticket, plenty waiting.’

The gentleman in question had begun, rightly, by suggesting in Gio he trusted.

Anyone who’s looked at Ibrox Noise since November knows we practically worship the ground the man walks on, so we are the first to support that notion.

But it’s not about Gio.

This is about Rangers’ board, and their inability, into July now, to bring in a single body, in what has been, thus far, the worst transfer window since the dark days of the embargo.

Now, things may turn around and in a few days the signings start flowing in and we all feel better about everything, smiles returning, this blip all forgotten. We’ll gush if that happens.

But let’s not kid ourselves – as things stand, Gio will be as frustrated as the fans that he has had absolutely nothing new to work with this summer, and is currently dealing with the same squad, bar Souttar, as he had last season.

He worked miracles in 21/22 but he needs fresh blood to keep that impetus and refresh the cycle.

So far, he’s just not had that.

All we’ve had is some flimsy transfer links and one apparent drawn-out negotiation with PAOK over Colak (who does look a decent striker tbf).

It’s not good enough for our manager, and he deserves better than this.

He would have been given reassurances when he joined up, and he would have given the board his complete commitment.

He couldn’t have fulfilled his side of the bargain any more than he did.

But right now, he’s not getting the backing we need to be ready for either the start of the SPL (four weeks from now) or the CL qualifiers (four weeks from now).

Make no mistake, the existing squad IS good, and we’ve defended it before – but you MUST get in new blood to avoid complacency and prevent anyone getting stale or arrogant.

Rangers’ current failure to do that is not good enough to our manager or our fans.

Some fans are happy enough, more power to them – but the majority certainly aren’t thrilled that everyone else around us is strengthening while we sit on our thumbs and appear to do nothing.

Prove us wrong Rangers, get the transfer ball rolling.

Right now we’re going nowhere.

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  1. wouldn’t surprise me if the board are once again gambling and think the current squad, if no one leaves, is good enough to get through the qualifying stages. having said that though, i’d imagine it might be proving difficult to get a quality player, 1 that we can afford and 2 that doesn’t blow the wage structure of the club.

  2. what kind o player does gio want there seems to be alot o unrest wi the players at Ibrox is it management side or board thats causing it

  3. Unrest at ibrox was created by the coup signing, Ramsey was supposed to come in and aid retaining the league, the board gambled massively on him, his £130k per week paid by ibrox as 30% of the deal, the other 70% was still paid by Juventus.
    It’s no wonder others don’t want to resign, they were offered less than 1/4 of he Ramsey money.
    Fans need to read last year’s financial results fully, they will then understand that little money is available, debts and loans are outstanding, the persistent 1p share issues has lowered the club value to nearly worthless.
    The club must live within its income, overspending has taken the club to a perilous state.
    When Fergus McCann saved Celtic, he had a set budget and never went over it for anything, he rebuilt Celtic Park during his reign.
    The Rangers have not learned from Celtics near collapse or from that of a once great team, simply called RANGERS.
    fhe directors have kept the club going and went well over the top stopping Celtic getting 10, they need to pull in money before spending.

  4. I think david makes a good point apart from ramsay ,dont think gers payed that unless any evidence ? as for gio being frustrated again how do we know that ? .I woud think he would be HAPPY that morelos ,kent ,bassey ,goldson still there ,as we like a wee valuation here I would say 60 million worth of talent still on books and possibly colak added ? cant be bad .
    Accounts will lay bare the finances at club ,however as i suspect ,someone will need to be sold ie morelos or bassey to fund ,do we want that ? .

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