A surprise over Rangers striker targets awaits

A surprise over Rangers striker targets awaits
LILLESTROM, NORWAY - JULY 12: Erik Botheim of Norway during G19 Men Photocall at Thon Arena on July 12, 2018 in Lillestrom, Norway. (Photo by Trond Tandberg/Getty Images)

A lot of talk about ‘potential’ signing Antonio Colak has centred on claims he’s a budget signing, a striker without a major pedigree, and a bit of a ‘bargain’ signing who isn’t even a Gio choice.

Yes, as you can tell, many Rangers fans are ‘right behind’ the club in the transfer window…

However, many of those same fans are the ones wanting Norway’s Erik Botheim, and we include ourselves in that.

So, how do the two of them actually compare re: careers?

Botheim: 22, never played for his country.

Colak: 28, has 3 caps for Croatia and no goals.

Botheim: overall career, 31 goals in 100 appearances.

Colak: 148 in 364.

Botheim: Has only played one league (Norway), and scored 19 in 64 for two clubs.

Colak: Has played 4 top tier leagues (Poland, Croatia, Sweden and Germany), scoring 66 in 160.

Neither record is absolutely sparkling on those terms but Colak is marginally the better striker.

But the most telling is their best: for Colak that’s Croatia and Sweden in it’s 52 in 102. Botheim is 15 in 30 in Norway.

In other words, the two strikers are virtually identical when they’re at their best, and the only difference between them is age.

So those who think Colak is bargain basement while Botheim is outstanding, you might want to look at their numbers and reconsider.

Rangers would be getting pretty much the same striker in either of them.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think with carry on over colak fee over couple of hundred thousand, and general lack of signings since stopping 10 iar that ,that board maybe A over indulged with signings for gerry or B were just like fans and desperate to stop it and since we did, then just took their eyes off the ball ? .
    Just a thought on signings since we achieved that …….still no panic mind you .

  2. Colak is almost 30, while Botheim is 22 raising star.
    Colak scored only 2 in 14 games in Greece in second leg of the 21/22 season, while Botheim last season scored 23 in 46, including 8 in 14 in Europe (for Bode/Glimt) – where he destroyed AS Roma (UECL Champions) with Mourinho on the bench – scored them 4 in 6:1 home victory group match.
    We only want Colak, because his goals for Malmoe eliminated Rangers in UCL qualifications last season?! Really?! What a poor reason!
    Or maybe he is cheaper because of lack of his form.
    Rangers should aquire Botheim if the team want to develop.
    Rangers should find and buy a few young players with potential – like S. Jörgensen, J. Bakayoko or S. Twine…
    We could get for free young&talented LB Lee Buchanan from relegated Derby County, but we didnt make a bid, and now he is going to Germany.
    And Rangers will buy some trash players, most of them wont put the squad on the next level.

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