Connor Goldson

Connor Goldson
Goldson celebrates his new deal (Credit Rangers FC)

It’s about time we took on the Connor Goldson situation once and for all, definitively explaining where we stand on the man and the issues we have with him.

We recently referred to him as an entitled squirt, and fully expected abuse for it – instead we were greeted with 100% support and agreement on that.

This surprised us immensely, and revealed Connor Goldson is probably the least-liked member of the Rangers squad, and the most privileged while he’s at it.

See, we’d never been big fans of him as a defender – not physical, caught out frequently, blames others – but he did have an excellent 55 and was one of the POTYs.

So we laid off, gave credit where it was due etcetera.

The problems, however, were bubbling in the background – having begun contract negotiations in late October 2020, it was assumed Goldson was happy and would sign immediately.

It was quickly confirmed this wasn’t going to be the case, and after he was offered a deal the following spring, the man sat on it. Did nothing. Nada. Basically avoided chat about it in the press.

It became clear after the winter of 21 that he wasn’t signing it, and was free to speak to other clubs.

But no one came. By spring this year Nottingham Forest were reported as in pole position, but the offer he wanted didn’t arrive.

And his form last season didn’t justify the contract debacle – it had gone somewhat south since 55 and he was far from imperious in the league. In Europe, the stats were there, admittedly – he was one of the top-performing CBs in the Europa League, but fans will forever remember his failure to clear a cross.

And no one will forget what he said at Hampden at half time.

Even Gio admitted the man was leaving, and there was only a ‘small chance’ he’d stay.

But then he effectively realised, having gotten no offers to his tastes, that Rangers was ‘as good as it would get’ and he settled. That’s right, he settled for us.

Aren’t we lucky.

The thing that irks us is it’s a four-year deal again – we have another half decade of Goldson in defence, untouchable. Never dropped for any reason, only missing if injured.

Do we hate him? Absolutely not, don’t be ridiculous. But we cannot lie and say we hold him in the affection we do so many other players at our club. We might have some players who we favour less (Sakala, Wright) but we respect them and they do their best.

Goldson blames everyone else.

We will support him on the pitch, as a player in our shirt, but don’t ask us to like someone who considers Rangers beneath him and took 20 months to sign a contract because no one else would give him the offer he wanted.

Hell, he even admits himself he was ‘undecided’ up till the days before he signed the contract – he made the decision around the table, presumably, with his folks, then says he called Gio the next day to give him the news.

By his own testimony, his heart wasn’t set on our club by a long way.

And yet he will play if fit.

It’s a damning indictment of the situation that Niko Katic, so poorly treated by the club, gives everything he has and would kill for the shirt, considering it an honour to wear it, but can’t get a look in. Goldson, on the other hand, treated the club poorly, and gives very little, but is entitled to the shirt and even speaks like someone who gets it all on a silver platter.

We do not know why this guy is completely untouchable, and can only imagine his resilience to injury is a big factor.

But it’s telling that our defence is Goldson, and all other defenders must vie for the slot beside him.

Long story short – we will be fair to him this season, as much as we can – and we will certainly support him on the pitch because he’s in our shirt.

But don’t expect the most reluctant contract signature we can remember to be on our Xmas card list.

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  1. I think you cover what all proper Rangers People think of Mr Goldson in what you have written here. We will not forget or forgive Goldson for the Hampden disgrace and the poor defending in the Europa final . He disrespects us at his peril. He needs get his shit together , help Souttar and Davies and of course Kartic to get partnership’s and solid defending sorted . We are all watching him . The ball as they say is in his court. However make no mistake he and Gio will soon find out from us Real Rangers People if he fails to deliver given Rangers great generosity in giving him a very lucrative 4 year deal.

  2. This article to a tee describes my feelings on goldson ,obviosly if he pulls on a blue shirt I am going to support his every move ,but as a person and Rangers representive he does not come close to Rangers class. Can not understand why we re signed him after he chose us after nobody else wanted him,can not wait for the day he has kicked his last ball for us. WATP

  3. Cannot stand the guy to the stage l was praying for an injury that would keep him out, let’s face facts, our physios are wage thieves, he has been a dud for years

    No wonder a single team wanted him, other teams see him for what is, and that is rank rotten

    when he and McGregor will mostly cost us the league and European games, the fault lies with Gio for picking 2 of the worst members of our squad

    On Saturday, you will be lucky to see 2 new signings starting, because as you said, he has his favourites

    Wright is another that flatters to deceive, he should not have been near the team at the Europa final, I’m sorry but his standard is 6 bottom side of the SPFL and that is being generous

  4. I am sure he is gutted that he has his new ,well paying ,security for life contract in place ,and he is getting criticized ….NOT .
    He did what a lot of players do ,played out his skin to get new contract /move and achieved it …job done for him and his family ,he wont care a jot if some fans do not like him .

  5. Right. Guys can we just all get along Goldson was entitled to take his time over the contract. It was not ideal but its done now. We need to concentrate on Kent and Morelos signing now. As for Katic. I feel sorry for him as the lad wants to play but. He is not good enough. End of.

  6. Totally agree with all you’ve said in the article for me he is a bomb scare at times hasn’t a clue he certainly wouldn’t get my vote as a Gers leader yet he is supposed to be second in command on the field. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about the guy but the more I see him play he does nothing to tell me I’m wrong.

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