Celtic signing shows how far Rangers have come

Celtic signing shows how far Rangers have come
He said no thanks... to Mooy....

Celtic’s signing of Aaron Mooy is of absolutely no interest to us at Ibrox Noise, apart from on one level – this is a player who was ‘beyond our reach’ a few seasons ago when we were linked to him, but nowadays is well below the standard we’d want.

Had Rangers been linked to and signed Mooy this window, we’d all support him and Gio as we should as fans, but there would have been a huge feeling of disappointment in a signing as uninspired as he.

31 years old, midfield, 50 caps for Australia and a decent enough career in the PL etc – but that was a long time ago – it’s two years since he was at that level and since then has rotted away in China.

Obviously he’s gone there for the Ozzie connection, which is fine, but it shows the level our club is at now that we’d have been underwhelmed with adding him today where a few years ago he’d have been a massive upgrade.

Nowadays we’re signing Turkey internationals, former CL players, and Liverpool players.

Ok it’s not Messi and Ronaldo but our window has ended up being pretty good, a lot better than it started out as.

And had Mooy come here this window he’d have been supported but it’s unlikely to be a signing fans would have been excited for.

Things have definitely changed.

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