Ramsey MOTM display shortchanged Rangers fans badly

Ramsey MOTM display shortchanged Rangers fans badly
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Aaron Ramsey of Rangers looks dejected as they are consoled by Kemar Roofe following defeat in the UEFA Europa League final match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Anyone who watched the last two Wales matches will have seen industry, running, invention, cutting edge, vision and quality – everything he lacked at Ibrox.

If Ramsey’s time at Rangers showed us anything, it was that he was a long way off the old Ramsey, and he was clearly past his best. This was up till very recently.

Then he puts a Wales shirt on and suddenly it’s the old Aaron Ramsey again.

Don’t get us wrong, what’s done is done, but we cannot help feeling a bit ripped off by a transfer which didn’t work out, clearly as much due to the player’s own attitude as much as any fitness concerns.

Ever wonder why the guy was benched so much for Rangers despite apparently being fit?

It’s become pretty clear his heart was not at Ibrox, and he proved that by running his heart out for his country and producing the football he’s capable of.

Sure, you could argue there was a lot riding on Wales’ matches lately, but then, are we trying to say Rangers matches in the UEL didn’t carry the same importance?

Indeed, Gio it seems was pretty wise to Ramsey, and didn’t frankly bother with him much. But he did make the colossal error of trusting someone with a penalty based on his name and not his commitment to Rangers.

One of the users on Ibrox Noise was very vocal about the effort they believed the man had put into his penalty, suggesting there wasn’t much behind it. Maybe that’s not true, but it didn’t look like the most aggressive of attempts regardless.

There’s something we’ve never mentioned about Ramsey on Ibrox Noise. Something the man said when he first joined which, as you do, we glossed over as supporters because we didn’t want to speak ill of a Rangers player.

It was his opening interview, where he admitted straight up he was only at Rangers for Europe and both Old Firm matches.

That’s right, he only said Rangers’ name once, and said indirectly off the bat that he’d not be fit for the next Old Firm match. He also didn’t have a clue about Rangers’ recent seasons.

Now, it is true that the SPL is no draw, and Europe and the Old Firm are big carrots for players, but you don’t say that in your first interview. You’ll probably get away with it, true, if you play well enough for it to be disregarded (John Lundstram admitted SG and the UCL were big carrots for him but he’s proven himself on the pitch), but Ramsey didn’t, so we can pick at it.

Look, we don’t hate the man, but there was a real lack of heart and drive in the shirt from him, but in the Wales shirt it’s a different story.

Pity he pretty much didn’t really want to be at Rangers in the first place.

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  1. Same could be said about his time at Juventus he only plays for Wales only time since leaving arsenal he’s guaranteed to be fit. Even brought over medical experts from America to make sure he was fit for Wales, took a penalty off lundstrum who nodded his head when Giovanni asked him

  2. So he missed on purpose!? Conspiracy theory!When Rangers were at their financial peak,nearly all their big buys would say the same thing,without Euro football,they wouldn’t be there!Chris Woods sacrificed his England no 1 spot,now that’s committment….


    • This is filled with complete lies. Woods wasn’t a regular for England UNTIL he was a Rangers player and he was up against Shilton anyway.

  3. Ramsey was never going to be a good player for Rangers , his heart 💖 wasn’t there . Happy Days to get rid of him and put Steve Davis in ,he has been a star when he pulled on a Ranger’s shirt. Shankill Ray ✋

    • I’m sure he also said in early interviews that he had joined Rangers to get games to get fit for Wales’ international commitments. Little did I realise that would be his ONLY concern.

  4. I said as much on a past comment on bale transfer talk post ,him and bale play out their skin for Wales not so for club ,I don’t think they are very professional tbh and they should remember who pays their vast wages …certainly not Wales ,gio being street smart was on to this guy ,which made the bale links even more strange .

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