Aaron Ramsey hasn’t worked out. At all.

Aaron Ramsey hasn’t worked out. At all.
SEVILLE, SPAIN - MAY 18: Aaron Ramsey of Rangers looks dejected as they are consoled by Kemar Roofe following defeat in the UEFA Europa League final match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Rangers FC at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan on May 18, 2022 in Seville, Spain. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Can we NOW say Aaron Ramsey was a fail?

We posted a critical piece on him about a week ago, but in the face of a torrent of pro-Ramsey abuse, were forced into removing it.

But it’s not just Ramsey – January’s window was absolutely shocking.

While in theory we signed £80M worth of talent in he and Amad Diallo, and we do like Diallo, neither has succeeded or indeed even come close.

This applies to the completely pointless James Sands, and Mateusz Zukowski who appears to have completely vanished.

January is a notorious window, but it didn’t stop Celtic signing some talent who frankly won them the league.

Instead our hyped up Welsh superstar and Ivorian boy wonder had absolutely no impact, for fair reasons or otherwise, and that window in no way improved our lot.

Rangers haven’t made a meaningful signing aside Lundstram and at a push Sakala since 2020, with the addition of Kemar Roofe and a few others who turned out useful.

Last year was atrocious and this one not much better.

Yes, we’re ranting about stuff which, had we won last night, we wouldn’t be going near. But one penalty has changed everything, everything which could have been forgiven, dismissed, you name it.

And now we can say with a level of certainly that Aaron Ramsey was a fail.

And it wasn’t even a missed penalty that led to that conclusion.

Sometimes they just don’t work out.

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  1. Been saying it on here for weeks, even anytime he makes a pass or shot, it rarely makes any impact or he just gives ball away. Also when he took tht penalty isnt tht why we brought him here ? for the big matches as thts where hes suppose to thrive ? But he hits the worst possible penalty you could think of in a european final !! It looked like he was taking it in a training session.

    The ones running down there contract i would just sell them l, and if Goldson goes i wont be tht bothered, hes been good servant, and his personal stats in euro games are best in tourn, but if he doesnt want to be here anymore then hopefully we can replace with a new guy tht Gio picks, and theres always big Niko.

    We should also sell our injury prones too. Time for Gio to put his proper stamp on team. To much of Gerrard still lingering, and we cant go through another season with the Baloguns, Helanders, Roofes etc who are only available for half the games due to injury.

  2. Ramsey himself will be disappointed with his spell at Rangers. Expectations were high, perhaps too high, and too many thought he would be the one to deliver 56, despite his injury record and patchy form at Juventus. Was it a gamble worth taking? With hindsight, probably not, but had Rangers lifted that silver pot last night he would have gone down in Ibrox history. As to the penalty, no reproach from me. Penalty shootouts are a cruel end. It was badly taken and Ramsey will be the first one to admit that himself, but far greater players have missed their penalties. He will have to live with that for the rest of his life. Football can be beautiful, but it can also be very cruel sometimes.

    • Agree. Anyone could have missed their penalty so let’s not get too down on him for that. But you have to agree the general point that he was a fail. He was given this world class tag, which actually I’ve never believed, then he set out trying to prove it with silly flicks and dummy’s etc. instead of playing normal intelligent football. And will we never learn about signing injured players past their peak?

      • Yes, I agree, Rob. For someone who has plied his trade at Arsenal and Juventus, plus is an established Welsh international, he has been a huge disappointment and we wouldn’t have missed him so far. Some of our young players could have done a far better job. World class? Again, I agree, he has never been that good. Terms like ‘world class’ are far too often used too loosely these days. The way his transfer value has nosedived from about 40m to 5m says a lot. He wasn’t helped by injuries, but the board should have known that when he was taken on. I guess they saw it as an opportunity, took the punt and hoped he would deliver, ignoring how he had been doing in Italy and his injury record. As to signing injured players, it’s often a gamble. If a club can afford it, it’s probably worth taking. If not, they’d better think twice. I fear Ramsey will not be the last one we regret having signed.

  3. I’ll admit the shock of his signing on deadline day filled me with joy, hope and expectation but he was barely up the marble staircase before I started having big doubts. He has been involved in so few great passages of play that you could probably count them on one hand. He is injury prone and slack with his passing when he does play and we would have had a lot more from Lowry if Gio had been bold enough. Ramsey has been some player in his time but sadly not for us and not an improvement in what we already had. If Sakala or Lowry had taken that pen and missed it I’d have been less disappointed than seeing Ramsey come off the bench to hit the ball so pathetically it could have been on the training pitch. It could happen to anyone but it almost felt scripted. I didn’t look when he took his pen because it felt like there was only going to be one fall guy.

    • Good point regarding Lowry. That lad has something and I think he could’ve delivered more than Ramsay and would’ve gained valuable experience to push for a first team spot next season.

  4. Time we trusted our young lads coming through D.J. was 16 when he got his chance .Ramsay never embraced the ethos at Rangers if any of the lads who took pens before him had missed it would’ve been through trying too hard .For me his body language had a couldn’t care less attitude about it and Gio should never have allowed him on the pitch

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