Rangers ‘close’ to signing new goalkeeper with offer made

Rangers ‘close’ to signing new goalkeeper with offer made
Fenerbahce Berke Ozer pictured during a press conference of Turkish soccer team Fenerbahce, Wednesday 03 November 2021 in Antwerp. The team is preparing for tomorrow's match against Belgian team Royal Antwerp FC, on the fourth day of the UEFA Europa League group stage, in group D. BELGA PHOTO TOM GOYVAERTS (Photo by TOM GOYVAERTS/BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images)

Reports in Turkey claim Rangers are close to signing 22-year old Berke Özer from Fenerbahçe with the former Turkish youth international coming to freedom of contract in a few weeks.

The story claims Özer is tempted by the offer due to a guarantee of playing, and alleges McGregor is to retire, making him number one ahead of McLaughlin and McCrorie.

The source alleges:

“It was claimed that the 22-year-old keeper, who Benfica were interested in, agreed terms with Belgian rivals Anderlecht. However, a new claim came from Scotland. Accordingly, Glasgow Rangers, who played in the Europa League final, made an offer for Berke. It was noted that Ozer would replace 40-year-old Allan McGregor, taking his gloves and was consequently warm to this offer because of the possibility of wearing the shirt regularly.”

This hot off the heels of renewed speculation over Palace’s Jack Butland does strongly hint that Rangers are 100% in the market for a new goalie, regardless of McLaughlin and McCrorie.

How credible?

It comes from En Son Haber, who are questionable in terms of politics and news, but we’re less sceptical about them when it comes to sport.

Again, we’ll see how true it is in time.

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