Surely the Ibrox end has now arrived for Alfredo Morelos


An incredible Old Firm derby at Parkhead has been and gone, and Rangers, despite flirting with an incredible against-the-odds win for a spell, sadly left Parkhead with nothing.

There will be a tonne of reaction and analysis but we will start with the most bleedingly obvious incident which… probably didn’t change the game’s flow that much in actual fact, but which was yet another slap in the face for both his fans, his club and his manager.

Alfredo Morelos, once again, for the (lost count) latest time, has been red carded and sent off, and while there were a minority of fans who somehow managed to defend the indefensible, the vast vast majority called this and him for what he is:

A combustible, petulant Jekyll and Hyde who lets his team mates down so incessantly on the occasions they really need him that, for Ibrox Noise at least, we couldn’t get rid of him quicker if we tried.

We have had absolutely enough of this fool – yes, Scott Brown was mischievous, and naughty with his little off-ball trip on Morelos’ heel, but for Morelos to swing his elbow at Brown in return was… EXACTLY what Celtic’s captain was banking on, and he milked the moment.

Morelos has been a liability for as long as we can remember – this season his petulance has cost his club countless times and while he’ll continue to perform in most of the modest SPL matches, his stupidity, his immaturity and his staggering recklessness on the occasions that matter are, for us, the end of him at Ibrox.

We just can’t be bothered with the circus any more, and going by the club twitter account, neither can they.

The sooner the window is open, and we can get whatever the heck we can for this hot-headed fool the better – and he can start being sent off in someone else’s shirt and costing his team mates elsewhere instead.

The Hyde of Morelos’ split personality is evident too much, and while he was complete garbage before his card anyway, the loss of a man on the occasions that matter is unacceptable.

We’re done.

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  1. I doubt he'll pay for us again as he has a 4 game ban now with 7 games left. Absolute liability, that game could have been won today had he stayed on. He could go now and I wouldn't care , he's clearly not listening to the manager.

  2. Must be a lot of Brown supporters on the site? There is a picture of Brown laughing at us – Selling Morelos let’s him win …

    Too many spineless losers around Rangers at moment. Real leaders required pdq or it will be ten in a row soon … regardless of Morelos ….

    • Selling morelos lets brown win? I think Brown winning another game against rangers and sealing the league is more of a victory. It must be almost boring now, 9 years since a rangers victory at parkhead.

  3. Get rid. The guy is an idiot. And you have to question the logic of the 14% who think we should keep him.

  4. Time this site called a vote on Gerrard

    Good player but cutting his managerial teeth at Rangers?

    • We knew SG was a novice when he came in. I don't think Guardiola wants the job. SG will be better next season, he will have learned a lot this year about what is required, what he needs in a player, what positions need strengthened.
      FM, who is it you want to replace SG and what makes you think they could do a better job, attract better players and win the league?

  5. breaks my heart to say that's enough and he has to go but simply cant defend it even if it is against that plastic paddie bead rattling lego eating cunt

  6. ive said it all season the man is a liability, he should be shown the door at ibrox, the way some fans go on its as if hes lionel messi, hes bang average and when you think of some of the greats thats been at rangers then why are we as a club accepting this type of behaviour from someone like him, get rid now!

    • If the top scorer in the league is bang average, that makes all the others below average. They can't be, that's why it's called average, be it modal, median or arithmetic mean.
      We can't afford the greats, we need to live in the real world.

    • where did i say we could afford great players? what we can do is afford players who will give the manager, the fans and the club the respect of giving their all, not let them down with idiotic behaviour, he has had the backing of the manager and the fans and threw it all back in their face several times over

    • Andy, you said he was bang average. If 29 goals, more than anyone else in the league, is bang average, you are looking at great. You clearly want considerably more than the best in the league, because he is only average.
      That is why I said we can't afford great players. He has scored an awful lot more goals than Ryan Kent and it looks like we can't afford him.
      If Morelos is bang average and Kent with a quarter of his goals is worth £10 million, how much would a better than average striker cost?

    • hes scored 3 more league goals than sam cosgrove and hes a donkey, of course hes got more goals than kent because hes a striker and kents a winger, i said he was bang average because in my opinion he is, if you have a different opinion thats fine, its allowed, we will see the class of team that comes in for him

    • Who is the donkey, Morelos or Cosgrove? Either way, if Morelos is bang average, how much would a better than average striker cost? Kent may not be a striker, but a winger. So why does Morelos have the same number of assists?
      As you say, it's all about opinions. I don't see Morelos going to a top 6 team in England myself. I am more interested in how much we get. But I would note that Luis Suarez was not always highly thought of until he managed to stamp out stupid behaviour. Which he did. I am not saying Morelos is that good. I am saying that if he can learn, he will be a better, more valuable player

  7. He's a marked man and I have no confidence him turning it around.

    Yes the likes of Brown and Broadfoot disgust me. It is a form of cheating but Alfredo plays into the hands of every average player in the league.

    Some will support him but in the end he is in danger of ruining his own career. What a waste of talent.

    • Agreed. He needs to get out of Scotland now, he will get that treatment every game and, like Brown, the perpetrators will not be punished. It's why other countries laugh at our football and why our national team is shit. We play kickball with thugs instead of football. Brown and Broadfoot, two perfect examples.

    • On Sportscene tonight from those 2 tossers, Scott Brown done nothing wrong in any of the incidents that he was involved in and celebrating in front of the Rangers fans was not an issue.

  8. ScotsWhaHae, nae clue, Morelas needs to go, same thing will happen anywhere, nothing to do with Scottish Football, he is a wee boy who will never grow up, smile at him, shake his hand or just look at him and he thinks he is being singled out for something….. J

    • Morelos got a straight red for a kick out at McKenna, after provocation. But Brown kicks Morelos, without provocation and gets nothing. If Morelos is not being singled out, why is that?

  9. You just don't get it SWH, he is a wee boy who canny grow up. I am not defending Brown, but I could have tickled my wee toe harder than what he did to M, what did M do, went ape, he just canny cope, its like watching a 12 year old having a kickabout at the interval! That is about his age mentality unfortunately because he certainly has skill (mind while he was on, on Sunday he did not show anything J

    • J, I do get it. I am not defending Morelos and his lack of self control. But you say Brown hardly touched him. McKenna was not rushed to A&E either, M still got a red card. Can you explain the difference in the two kicks, other than the first is retaliation and the second unprovoked? Is it ok to kick people up to a certain level of force? If so, what is the level and have clubs been informed? Was it brought in after the Morelos/McKenna incident?
      Nobody has given me an explanation as to why those two incidents should be treated differently. I can surmise that retaliation is punished more harshly, but that does not explain wht the instigator should get off with nothing. that is an incventive to kick people off the ball.

  10. SWH, in life, rightly or wrongly, people look to take advantage of a weakness or an opportunity. That is what happens in general with M, some is self inflicted and sometimes just plain down right stupid. As for Sunday, assume he had not lashed out, he would still have been on the park, that in a nutshell is why you do not get it. Please remember, I am not in anyway annoyed with or trying to ridicule your thoughts, we both want the same thing, a winning Rangers team all of the time and especially against Celtic, but hey, we will be unlikely to do it with this clown/child in the team, despite his obvious talent he just let everyone down again on Sunday.

  11. J, I agree that Morelos let himself, the fans and the club down. No dispute there. And I agree that we are noth on the same side, wanting a winning Rangers. If selling Morelos for £20 million brings that closer, I am all for it. I do not believe that selling him for under £10 million will bring us significantly closer unless SG has found a £10M striker going free. So I feel we have to maximise the benefit we can get from Morelos. If Defoe can keep fit and scoring, Morelos can kick his heels on the sidelines and that may help. Some people take loger to grow up than others. Some never do. I hope M gets there, for our sake and his.
    I do get that if he had not reacted, he would still have been on the pitch. I don't get why reacting is punished but the original offence is not. The implication, in McKenna and Brown incidents, is you should kick out first, before the other guy, because the punishment for retaliation is far greater.

    That is a terrible message to send to Scottish football, professionals, amateurs and children alike.

  12. Just imagine SWH, two teams, say Dundee and Livingston (not sure why I chose them) and one player for one team does what Brown did to Morelos, it would not be mentioned or even discussed. Not defending Brown. Just saying these incidents happen all the time, the reason this one has been highlighted is because of what Morelos did and of course the importance of the game. Agree with everything else you say. J

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