Sunday, 31 March 2019

Morelos shock - Rangers' Twitter sends big message after red card disgrace

Rangers’ official Twitter account appears to have had enough of Alfredo Morelos as well as the majority of fans following his latest shame, after the social media account quickly removed a proud banner of the Colombian to promote the recent documentary and unpinned a post plugging it.

Prior to kick off the background of their Twitter account featured Morelos in his pomp, rather cringeworthily it must be said, as if he’s the only player Rangers have, while pinning a tweet on his documentary at the top of their feed.

Post-match both of these are gone to reflect the climate of disgust with the hitman’s latest indiscretions.

Off the pitch we’re sure Morelos is a sweet kid and a good man, but on it, bar the occasions he shows up in the right spirit, he’s become a wasted jersey or a liability. And more than just this site have had enough of it.

The digital department of Rangers’ social operations clearly realised getting him off the banner was a wise move after he removed himself off the pitch.

And the sooner he’s removed from the club’s payroll the better.
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