Morelos shock – Rangers’ Twitter sends big message after red card disgrace


Rangers’ official Twitter account appears to have had enough of Alfredo Morelos as well as the majority of fans following his latest shame, after the social media account quickly removed a proud banner of the Colombian to promote the recent documentary and unpinned a post plugging it.

Prior to kick off the background of their Twitter account featured Morelos in his pomp, rather cringeworthily it must be said, as if he’s the only player Rangers have, while pinning a tweet on his documentary at the top of their feed.

Post-match both of these are gone to reflect the climate of disgust with the hitman’s latest indiscretions.

Off the pitch we’re sure Morelos is a sweet kid and a good man, but on it, bar the occasions he shows up in the right spirit, he’s become a wasted jersey or a liability. And more than just this site have had enough of it.

The digital department of Rangers’ social operations clearly realised getting him off the banner was a wise move after he removed himself off the pitch.

And the sooner he’s removed from the club’s payroll the better.


  1. Celtic will really be laughing now.

    Hello – everyone is running scared of Morelos that’s why he is targeted by both Celtic & Aberdeen.

    We just stand back & not only let them but blame Morelos – it is actually Gerrard’s fault!

    What was Morelos’s record in Finland???

    Are players allowed to kick players off the ball or is it just “open season” in kicking Rangers players … why do we stand for it. Get stuck in ….

    This would never have happened if Smith had been in charge.

    Changed required at TOP ….

    • Were you watching the same game Rangers totally on top despite Morelos the clown. Onwards with Steven Gerrard

    • Bill, not quite sure we'd agree there! Fine spell in the second half following Kent's goal yes, but overall Celtic sadly value for their win.

  2. He is going to get a lengthy ban, so time for someone to step up & fill the Jersey! Delighted with the way the lads battled the unwashed in the 2nd half! 2 moments of madness at the back cost us a game we could of snatched in the last gasps if we had been more clinical…..

  3. Totally unacceptable disgraceful from Morelos . Sell now along with Tav and get planning for next seasons league capture. We were better by miles in the 2nd half even without Morelos and should have won. Poor mistake by Tav and Kamara for their winner .

  4. Brown is a total twat we all know that but he gets away with it only way to shut him down is to play better and win .

    • Or give him it back. Next game, every time he gets the ball, or even off it, target his achilles, when he reacts, drop to the ground holding your face, then when he gets a card, jump to your feet and laugh in his face.
      It works for him

  5. Morelos not the real problem here.

    Let’s not lose sight the Board have continually experienced with managers over the last few years.

    1) New chairman & managing director both required. They have continually presided over failed manager appointments.

    2) new director of football – is Boyd not right more failures than successes

    3) new manager – not the job to cut teeth

    4) new captain – spineless

    5) leaders on the pitch (cf Wallace & Miller players the current board threw out)

    SOS !

  6. Enough is enough. Morelos is a fecking imbecile and a liability. Get him out the club in the summer. Unfortunately talk of silly money is now gone. Who would want to sign someone who has a total disregard for his team, his manager and his fans.
    He has done his best to cost us in every competition this season:
    In the league from the very first game to the latest.
    In the League Cup banned for the semi-final.
    In the Scottish Cup he had to avoid a yellow to not be banned for the semi and he lasted 17 minutes then was totally ineffectual as a result.
    In the EUFA Cup tie in Russia sent off again but his team mates bailed him out.
    We now MUST sell and in that position you never get top dollar. I don't care how many goals he scores. I'm totally disgusted.

  7. Anybody who knows anything about football knows winding the opposition goes on ,Morelos is finished at Ibrox, once again he has let everyone down from the top to the fans, who is going to buy one of our biggest assets ,who cannot control himself,come on S.G. time to make a stand and get rid.No time for Brown but we have rise above that kind of ignorance .

  8. Take the money …get him to fuck …he's not a humble young man ..he's an egotist ..scores some ..misses loads ….an embarrassment to our club ..iv iv been 50/50 on him for a while …but that's it …No defence left .. Liability

  9. Agree with all contributors I'm not sure who can genuinely disagree here….Anyone know why Lafferty not in the squad ??????

  10. We lost the game again today – regardless of the second half performance.

    It would appear it takes SG to the 5th red card to realise Morelos gets wind-up?

    Would a more seasoned manager have played him today?

    Have the majority of our new signings been successful ?

    Have we got too many loan players & still not winning anything ?

    But we are on the right – let’s just wait?

    In all our success in the past we made our own luck – not waited for it….

    • FM are you for real? Your response to Morelos letting everyone down for the umpteenth time is to suggest that the manager shouldn't have played him! So the is your problem. We have a player that can't be trusted to play in the big games that matter. Morelos IS the problem and he won't change! Get him out the door as soon as possible.

  11. Today was the last straw for me, regarding alfredo morelos.I have constantly backed morelos on his poor disciplinary record,up until today.I've
    now run out of patience with him and now think he's just never going to learn.The best option now,for everyone concerned,is to sell alfredo in the summer.He let us the supporters down,
    his manager down and his teammates down yet again today,big time.Have to mention that our second half performance,with ten men today,was terrific.Our loanee winger ryan kent,
    was the best player on the park,in the second half today.He was causing all sorts of problems for their defenders.
    He was gliding past them at will,as his terrific equalising goal will testify.
    Once kent did draw us level,it most definitely looked like we would go on to win the game.It looked like there was only 1 team going on to win the game, before tav's mistake.He was also playing well, before his mistake, for their winning goal.Its unfortunate now that as well as morelos and halliday being suspended,the tremendous kent will now almost certainly be facing a suspension,with his punch/slap at that total wind up ponce,scott brown.He will get done by video evidence,i've got no doubt about it whatsoever.I think kent is a fantastic footballer,who i would love us to sign permanently,although I do think his fee will be far too pricey for us. I truly would pay between £3million-£4million for him.The best i've always thought we could do regarding young Kent,was to get him on another 1 year loan deal,but i don't think that's possible now,as liverpool want a permanent transfer and won't let him go out on loan again.Kent as far as i'm concerned,is a far better winger than jordan jones.Kent on his game is the best winger in scottish football without a doubt,in my mind.Gerrard has got another big rebuilding job to do in the summer,once the loanees go back to their parent clubs and with morelos likely to be sold.He has to weed out the dead wood and replace them with creative,class signings,funds permitting.

  12. RM, hope you are right but wishful thinking that Mr G can turn us around, too many mistakes re his decisions on players, Tav captain…not for me, Morelas, defended him time and time again "well if the Manager says it is okay and I am a great player I will just keep doing what I do", G has managed to build a team who are not gutless, who do fight for the badge/team/support, second half yesterday a good example, but he has also allowed a Headless Chicken acceptance to emerge (examples were numerous yesterday) if you forget the game and watch the incidents you begin to realise who won the game and why, too many players lost it J

  13. Andy Gray left Morelos without a name yesterday and praised Brown for noising Morelos up. That will do it for me as Andy is on of us tells it as it is WATP

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