Steven Gerrard may just have given the green light to Morelos sale


Rangers manager Steven Gerrard had no words of defence whatsoever for Alfredo Morelos this time, and admitted afterwards that the Colombian had let himself and everyone down.

For the first time, his manager offered no platitudes, when previously he justified every red or yellow card – despite the overwhelming evidence that Morelos is his own worst enemy.

And finally, after the Colombian international’s 400th red card of the season, Gerrard conceded enough was enough.

He said:

“The reality is if you raise your arm you leave yourself wide open. Obviously he’s been provoked in the first place but it’s happened on too many occasions now and I’ve gone above and beyond and I’ve backed Alfredo more than enough and I can’t defend him any more.”

In fairness to Gerrard, there does come a point where a player’s indiscretions are simply too embarrassing and incriminating to be able to play down, and today that point came for Stevie G.

He’s backed his star man up on so many occasions but after this one the backing has stopped. And probably Morelos’ Rangers career with it.


  1. Absolutely gutted but enough is enough punt Alfie & use the money to rebuild. It may not seem like it after game but we are closing the gap although I accept slower than we all want

  2. Unfortunately the money won’t won use for “new players”

    Very poor referee should never referee another Rangers game.

    If the SFA are happy to do nothing with Brown I think the green light should be Rangers leaving Scottish football behind.

    Time for vote on Gerrard his time is up! Apart from Halliday he binned both Wallace & Miller who found performances against Celtic unacceptable …

    Recotd against Celtic & Aberdeen is unacceptable this season again …..

  3. Disappointment that Morelos is being made the scape goat here …. problems are wider – wake up before it too late …

    Last season the Board “blamed” Wallace & Miller????

    • SG will be manager next season end of!!
      The players were brilliant 2nd half. If they started like that we would have win today. They are shit!!!

  4. Agree with this post, sell when the season is over. Surely we will get enough money to buy a decent Centre forward. Not impressed with Worrel or Kamara when he came on.

    • Every player gets that treatment. It's only him who reacts, if you've played football at any level you'd know off the ball dark arts happens to all players in all games. Morelos is a fool simple as that

    • He deserved his red card and let us all down fellow players and fans if he had went down would brown even have been spoken too or Broadfoot I think not

    • With a temperament like his of course he gets wound up by the opposition. It's one thing if he got badly fouled but throwing an elbow for verbals is just stupid and entirely his own fault.

  5. Morelos has to go to a country where football is played and thugs are weeded out. That will never happen here. SG will stay, he will rebuild with the money from a Morelos sale.
    As bigjim notes, we destroyed them second half. I never want to lose to the filth, but IF you have to, the sight of them playing for time against 10 men and begging for the whistle at home is the way to do it. If we had started with 10 men the way we played the second half, the Lurgan Bigot would be out of a job by now.
    We need to look forwards, not back. the league is over, time to drop anybody not here for next season, like Worrall, Davis (but not Kent) and play the people he has faith in and a couple of younger players. We have played them 3 times. First time, SG made a mistake, 2nd time we destroyed them, 3rd time game of two halves. But smash them at Ibrox and they will be the ones dreading next season

  6. We should use the remaining games to see if Defoe and Lafferty can develop a partnership. If they can, it might mean we can use any Morelos fee elsewhere.

    I'd sacrifice Candeias and go 4-4-2 with three central mids and Kent free role…

    Also; no point using Worrall or Coulibaly anymore unless we plan on keeping them. Better to give "next season players" a good run of games to fully assess if they can help us next year or not.

  7. If nothing else today it has been shown that Rangers can more than compete without Morelos. We need to replace him with a natural goalscorer who is quick on the ball and can destroy hammer throwers in the SPL. I would replace Morelos with such a player. Yes he has strength but we need a smart thinking striker, a silent assassin would fit the bill. Lets go find him.

  8. The guys a clown and he cost us big time today sell the dafty. We could not get thirty bob for him now.

  9. While I'm celebrating our win I believe there's now little if anything between the two sides. Next season will be interesting.

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