Poll results: 75% of Rangers fans want Gerrard to move for this striker


With Rangers’ striker options lacking some punch, shall we say, Ibrox Noise proposed a stunning January move for a Murty signing who simply wasn’t given a chance earlier this year, and who Steven Gerrard rejected out of hand despite the player’s own eagerness to make his loan permanent.

Jason Cummings was a bright spot last season, with a stunning reverse scissor kick at Ayr, a clinical grass cutter at Ross County on his debut, and a fine hat track against Falkirk in the cup.

And if our poll is anything to go by, Rangers fans want the lad back.

In a recent survey on the site, an overwhelming 75% of respondents advocated a January return for the former Hibs striker, something he himself is pushing for via the wonders of social media.

Only a quarter of Rangers fans didn’t want him back in our colours.

Whichever side of that you’re on, the majority definitely favours trying to bring him back, especially given his excellent season so far at top of the table pushers Peterborough with six goals and four assists.

We even suggested it would cost a £1M to do so. It might even cost less and we’d get way more from him than we have from Umar Sadiq.


  1. I am in favour of Cummings coming back, but only if used in a partnership up front, that’s were you would see the best of him. As Gerrard doesn’t like like changing his system anytime soon, then the best he could hope for is keeping Lafferty company on the bench, so I can’t see it happening

  2. This article must be a joke. Cummings is mince as a lone striker.Would not be effective for us.obviously we need more options,but it is not him.there will be a couple of dozen on gerrard's list ahead of him.the Croatian striker Antonio mance is my pick for our current style and profile.just my opinion that we need physique and athleticism in our side.

    • Hi there RWB, no, no joke, nor are the opinions of thousands of your fellow Bears. As for your Croatian recommendation, well, our other signings from there have worked out tremendously, no?


    • Have to agree with RWB, Jason Cummings is just not good enough for Rangers. I think he is a 'wide' boy who just doesn't apply himself enough with his life style off the pitch or in training.

    • Tend to agree with RWB re the style of player we could do with as part of our up front team. Cummings is not that type of player and his attitude is questionable, something I think would prevent him fitting in to Stevie G's squad types.

    • Also got to agree with RWB. Cummings has played 31 times in the Scottish Premiership and scored just 2 goals. He's just not good enough and proved that during his time with Rangers.
      If we're going to add another striker then it has to be an improvement on what we already have and Cummings is certainly not that.

  3. If we are going to continue to progress, then we need much better quality players than Jason Cummings. His enthusiasm to be at Rangers is admirable, but unfortunately he falls down on ability and probably his character wouldn't fit the standards expected.

  4. We wouldn't be able to get him in January anyway as he is contracted to Peterborough utd till the end of the season on loan….No Surrender….

  5. Apart from the fact that, much as I like him I don't think he is good enough for where we are now, could someone explain how they would set the team up?
    We would have to drop a winger or a midfield player for a 4-4-2 or both wingers to add a centreback for a 3-5-2. So who would you drop? Assuming you keep one holding midfielder, is it Coulibaly, Jack, Rossiter? Where do you fit Arfield, Ejaria etc in? We have too many midfielders for a 3, never mind a 2. Are they good enough?

    Perhaps IN could do an article on this, poll some views? Being in the minority doesn't make me right, but it doesn't make me wrong either. Unless Cummings has developed into the Lone Striker role

  6. 1. Send Sadiq Back
    2. Get Solanke on Loan Instead
    3. Sign another Permanent Striker Cummings or Some1 Else

  7. Perhaps the answer to this question lies in your summary of his Rangers "achievements", i.e. Goals against Ayr United, RossCounty and Falkirk. Where are his goals against Ceptic, Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts?
    Incidentally while he has scored 6 for Peterborough his scoring has dried up recently.

  8. Laughable. Simply no proof he’s good enough.- and not only has his scoring dried up, so has his game time.

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