Monday, 29 October 2018

Could Steven Gerrard make stunning £1M January bid for 23-year old?

If one thing has been abundantly clear this season, it’s that the summer’s business up front was a failure.

No two ways about it – Lafferty hasn’t delivered, Sadiq has been a joke, and Steven Gerrard’s decision to ditch Jason Cummings is looking more and more of a mistake.

The Scotland striker has had an excellent season in England’s League One, with a fine six goals and four assists so far this campaign in 12 appearances total. If he doesn’t score, he makes one, which certainly laughs in the face of the idea he isn’t a good supporting striker.

And with Rangers’ well-documented striker issues this season being a real problem, frankly getting rid of a player who 100% wants to be a Rangers player and only recently confirmed he misses Ibrox and wants back via social network, while the player has plenty to offer as well was simply wrong.

While we wouldn’t pretend Cummings is Kylian Mbappe, Rangers right now lack a depth of quality up front, with only Morelos seemingly being a reliable option, and, of course, thanks to his frequent brushes with indiscipline, the reliability factor takes a hit.

Then it’s just Lafferty and Sadiq, neither of whom have convinced the fans at best.

We see no reason why Rangers cannot make a bid for Cummings this January – Forest don’t want him, Karanka can’t stand him, and he’s more or less admitted he’s not interested in being there.

A £1M bid to get the guy where he wants to be and will give everything for the shirt seems smart business, and we’d forgive Gerrard’s mistake in not being interested in signing him.

However he performed yesterday, Sadiq has been a turkey so far, and Gerrard signed him and not Cummings.

How many Rangers fans would have given their right arm for Jason Cummings being the one through on goal for that chance yesterday?

Make the call!

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