Todd Cantwell learns his Rangers lesson at long last

Todd Cantwell learns his Rangers lesson at long last
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 21: Todd Cantwell of Rangers celebrates after Cyriel Dessers of Rangers (not pictured) scores his teams second goal during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Hearts at Hampden Park on April 21, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We don’t talk much on Ibrox Noise about Todd Cantwell these days – after being the darling of the club last season, it dipped aggressively for the Rangers playmaker this campaign and only the past 3 months have seen him start to be much more like his old self.

And when Ibrox Noise complained about Scott Wright and his boastful rubbish pre-Old Firm (which naturally came back to haunt us) we wondered if our players had learned nothing from talking smack in the press prior to huge challenges.

Well Todd Cantwell clearly has learned and when asked about the Split, offered modesty and caution over Rangers’ chances of winning the title:

“Every game needs to be seen as a final now. We’ve got to win every game. We’ve definitely got the capabilities to do so. I’ll give my absolute best until the end of the season.”

While saying the team is ‘capable’ of winning every game, it stops well short of saying we have the confidence or that we ‘will’.

This is a refreshing and more modest change from the bluster our idiot players usually come out with, boasting of a win or that we’re great, or that we’re filled with confidence.

Cantwell is technically correct, Rangers are in theory capable of winning these five in a row, but actually doing it is another matter entirely and let’s face it, we won’t manage to do it, but neither will Celtic.

But his tone is a lot less cocky, a lot less arrogant, and a lot more like the slightly more humble approach that Rangers should be making at the moment given how few titles and trophies we’ve won since 2011.

Cantwell has clearly learned, has stepped down from his social media nonsense pedestal which wasn’t helping anyone, and has maybe grown up a bit.

It’s certainly helped his football which is a lot more like the stellar stuff we saw last season.

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