Clement confirms John Lundstram has rejected Rangers offers

Clement confirms John Lundstram has rejected Rangers offers
DUNDEE, SCOTLAND - APRIL 17: John Lundstram of Rangers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Dundee FC and Rangers FC at Dens Park Stadium on April 17, 2024 in Dundee, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has confirmed midfielder John Lundstram has rejected offers from the club already and he expects the 31-year-old has other offers that are interesting him more.

The telling insight is a huge climb down from Clement’s previous certainty that Lundstram would sign a contract extension, and the Belgian manager revealingly confessed Rangers can’t afford him.

He said:

“It depends on what you can offer as a club and what other clubs are offering, his situation.”

As Ibrox Noise reported months and months ago, Lundstram wanted a rise from £22K more in line with top earners at Rangers, in which the club made a foolish rod for its own back by lining up Danilo and Goldson especially with £40K pw deals.

Lunny might not want quite as high as that (around £35K), but he wants close to it, and Rangers can’t afford that. And won’t afford that.

Offers have been given to Lunny and they don’t reach the level he wants, and as far as we can tell, that will be that.

We explained Rangers rejected giving a further offer matching the £35K pw figure, and that’s where Lunny wants to be, give or take.

But of course we now know Trabzonspor are willing, after rethinking their situation, to go that high for the ex-Sheffield man.

Rangers simply aren’t.

It is viewed as a waste of resources to offer a 31-year-old player, who admittedly hasn’t been spectacularly consistent in his Rangers career and has never dominated an Old Firm match (huge measure of Old Firm midfielders), a wage in line with the top earners, given how little value came back from doing so with Goldson and Danilo.

There is no resale value in Lundstram, and with the situation now completely dead in the water as things stand, it is looking immensely likely he’s not going to be a Rangers player in the summer.

He wants more cash, simple as, and Rangers won’t give him it.

So we would be stunned if he signs a deal now.

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