Philippe Clement criticises Rangers midfielder Dujon Sterling

Philippe Clement criticises Rangers midfielder Dujon Sterling
Rangers manager Philippe Clement fielding questions...

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has launched a passive-aggressive attack on midfielder Dujon Sterling claiming his words were inexperienced and he has to look instead at former Celtic defender Virgil Van Dijk as a better example of how to conduct himself.

In yet more of the latest sh*te coming out this manager’s mouth, he expressed ‘disappointment’ at what Sterling had said and disputed what the midfielder actually claimed.

He said:

“Yes, Nick’s (Thomson, Head of Communications) just told me because I don’t read everything. It’s the words of a player who is disappointed because we lost points, who maybe lacks a bit experience in that way. If I see Virgil Van Dijk giving a press interview after the game, it’s totally different and that’s the way it should be.”

Yeah, let’s compare Sterling, one of the few guys in the squad giving full heart and desire on the pitch with a Celtic troll who hates Rangers and who Liverpool fans panned after Jurgen Klopp’s big announcement because their captain admitted he didn’t know about his own future ‘now’. He changed tact after getting dog’s abuse for it. Wonderful example mate.

“Because those are things for our young players to learn and to become better in that it’s more talking out of the frustration. But I know we can count on Dujon on the field like he did the last couple of month the moment he was fit. That’s also not been the case enough for me so no, we will work with him on that also.”

So, just so we’re clear Philippe, you think a 24-year old is a ‘young player’? Not an 18-year-old, or a 21-year-old but a 24-year-old man is a rookie who has no experience and is just a boy in this sport?

We wonder at what point Clement will just stop talking and digging himself bigger holes – he still stands by his opinion about the Dundee match being an improvement on County, and he’s happy with what he saw on the pitch.

This is the guy 95% of Rangers fans back to turn things around, huh?

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