Clement claims Rangers demands comparable with Brugge pressure

Clement claims Rangers demands comparable with Brugge pressure
Rangers manager Philippe Clement making a tricky comparison...

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has compared the pressure of Rangers with that of Club Brugge, claiming he’s dealt with the demands of a club like Rangers before.

Just for a point of clarity:

Brugge play at the Jan Breydel Stadium with a capacity of 29,062, and have won the title 18 times in their history.

Rangers play at Ibrox Stadium with a capacity of just under 51,000 and have won the title 55 times in our history.

Not absolutely sure Clement really wants to offer the real comparison, of Monaco, and while the stadium is only 16K the demands of that club are much higher, albeit they have only won the title 8 times, most recently in 2017.

That’s where he completely collapsed, so it’s no surprise he’d rather gloss over that and talk up Brugge.

This is not disrespect to Brugge, they are a big club, but they are not a big club compared to Rangers and the pressure levels are incomparible.

Clement said:

“Yes, Brugge is the same (as Rangers), only winning, only becoming champion is the only thing that counts.”

There are about 5 clubs in Belgium who are the same, who contend to win – Brugge, Anderlecht, Liege, Genk and maybe USG since their promotion.

But that is a different ball game to Rangers, whose sky falls in in the event of a draw.

Clement simply didn’t know what he was signing up for with Rangers, another one to underestimate the pressure and not realise that second isn’t anywhere near good enough for our club or our fans.

Brugge as demanding as Rangers? Give us a break!

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