Oh for a team of Davie Weirs; Rangers’ squad is miles short

Oh for a team of Davie Weirs; Rangers’ squad is miles short
EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS - AUGUST 24: Front row from L-R John Lundstram, James Tavernier, Glen Kamara, Thomas Lawrence and Ryan Kent of Glasgow Rangers , Last row from L-R Malik Tillmann, Borna Barisic, Antonio Colak, Connor Goldson, Jon McLaughlin and James Sands of Glasgow Rangers pose for a teamphoto prior t the UEFA Champions League Play-Off Second Leg match between PSV and Glasgow Rangers at Phillips Stadium on August 24, 2022 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. (Photo by Christian Kaspar-Bartke/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing we absolutely agree with so many fans on, it’s that Rangers’ squad is filled with bottlers and charlatans, many of whom have been at the club too long or simply aren’t champion material.

For all we’re pointing the finger at Philippe Clement, and we are, we also completely note just how staggeringly poor the squad/team is.

Yes, he’s picking yer Tavs and Goldsons, and putting yer Sterlings out of position. We got that, and we’ve been immensely vocal on Ibrox Noise about it.

We’ve probably been more outspoken about such things than most Rangers sites.

But the reality is the squad is filled with players who simply aren’t Rangers Standard, or who have been at this club far, far too long.

Tavernier looks spent, like he’s had enough. He’s being asked to do too much, and he can’t do much of it any more at his age.

Goldson genuinely, truly, looks like he might actually have either an anxiety issue or depression, because he cuts a haunted figure. He needs time away from this.

Barisic didn’t play but evidently is going to leave – moot point there.

Lundstram hasn’t been given the deal he wants, so his head is now turning to the exit – Big Phil looks to have gotten that way wrong, and Lunny will move to pastures new as a free agent. He hasn’t been focused for as long as this issue has rumbled on.

And no one else in the forefront of the squad has been there for immensely long, but many are well short of the quality needed.

This just isn’t a champion team – that job was bottled in 2021 when the board didn’t strengthen after 55. The champions there were either sold, let go, or stayed and aged.

And now we have a bunch of Championship rejects and Belgian bottle jobs, hey Nico.

It’s a squad well below the quality we need, and it’s yet another spring where we argue that we need a massive clear out.

Every year we say this, and we don’t really get what is needed.

We don’t fix the defence, we buy 400 midfielders, and we neglect on the striker.

The one striker we had of quality, Colak, we dumped, thanks Mick.

But it’s just the same cycle repeating itself every year.

And it’s nothing to do with the Journey or money – we’ve been spending big cash. We’ve just not been spending it well.

Where we are is where we deserve to be – the squad is nowhere near Rangers standard and only Rangers Standard will do.

Oh for a team of Davie Weirs.

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