Ex-chairman notices Rangers problem – three years later

Ex-chairman notices Rangers problem – three years later
Rangers FC's head coach Steven Gerrard gives a press conference on the eve of their match against Belgian club Standard de Liege on the first day of the group phase (group D) of the UEFA Europa League football competition, in Liege on October 21, 2020. (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR / Belga / AFP) / Belgium OUT (Photo by VIRGINIE LEFOUR/Belga/AFP via Getty Images)

Three years after Ibrox Noise begged the former Rangers board of Douglas Park, Ross Wilson and Stewart Robertson not to rest on the club’s laurels and sit on 55, which of course, they did, ex-chairman Dave King has repeated the same thing as if it’s some kind of revelation.

For those of you under a rock, Rangers failed miserably in the summer of 2021 to capitalise on winning 55, by signing very few players, investing very little cash, and giving Steven Gerrard absolutely no budget to play with.

He had to sign Sakala, Bacuna, Ofoborh and the one decent addition of Lundstram all for free, which gave the club no chance in the Champions League qualifiers against Antonio Colak’s Malmo (remember him) and we crashed into the Europa League.

Gerrard did do walking away because of that, and while we still got the staggering run to Sevilla under Gio (the man produced miracles), the lack of investment that summer meant the side completely collapsed the following season.

The point is though we begged the board way back when in March 2021 not to drop the ball, and they did – and now Dave is back in saying the same thing 3 years later.

As if it actually matters more when he says it.

Sure, it makes headlines, and yes, King loves to chip at the old board who he loathed with a passion, but it’s flogging a dead horse.

Yes, the board back then flogged shirts and badges rather than trying to build on 55, but this is old news. Most fans are well aware of it being the case, even if at the time there was naïveté that the squad we had was good enough.

Now we know different, of course, and it’s very easy for King to ride in on his horse with his 20/20 vision and say what went wrong 3 years ago, but we already said it ourselves.

And most fans realised in the year or so following that it was the case too.

Most fans were too caught up in the 55 fervour and ‘stopping the 10’ that they didn’t think of what work lay ahead.

And only now does Dave notice?

Nice one.

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