Dave King’s comments on Philippe Clement aren’t helpful

Dave King’s comments on Philippe Clement aren’t helpful
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers majority share holder Dave King is seen during the Betfred League Cup Semi Final between Rangers and Motherwell at Hampden Park on October 22, 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Rangers have only had Philippe Clement for 5 months and yet ex-chairman Dave King has piped up with his usual pre-Old Firm stuff suggesting the club will struggle to keep the Belgian, citing the example of Angie Pestie wosisface.

There are two observations to be made here on this:

One, thanks Dave, thanks for trying to passively-aggressively threaten Rangers fans with losing our manager only a few days before the biggest Old Firm for a very long time.

Secondly, Clement was already a firmly-established and successful manager in the game, having won three titles in a row in Belgium before Monaco snapped him up. To act like this is a green around the gills manager who has just been ‘discovered’ is that rarity – Scottish arrogance.

So, let’s look at the first part – we’re focusing on nothing but trying to win this Old Firm, and our former chairman, his ego and his big mouth surface right on time to undermine us a bit, talking about Clement moving on. We’re not even going to quote his words, they’re just not needed right now.

Let’s just say, for Ibrox Noise, a true Rangers fan would not be discussing such things in the media on the eve of this match. He is evidently miles out of touch.

And for the second part, it’s just amusing arrogance and a speck insular to suggest that Clement was an undiscovered gem, and that Rangers unearthed him. Errr, no, Genk, Brugge then Monaco did. All big clubs. He was offered a very well-paid gig in Saudi Arabia as well but he wasn’t interested because he wanted a real football team.

And that’s where Rangers came in.

Just because you hadn’t personally heard of him Dave doesn’t mean he was a nobody in the world of football.

We also didn’t know of him, but his record spoke for itself, and to suggest it’s Rangers as to why he’s being ‘given’ this platform to showcase himself really rather dismisses everything which came before for him.

We were lucky to get Clement, and he was lucky to get us, and hopefully that will continue for some time.

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