Dundee Rangers at risk as Dens Park & SPFL bosses sweat

Dundee Rangers at risk as Dens Park & SPFL bosses sweat
Utterly ridiculous that this surface got the OK v Motherwell...

Dundee Rangers has been plunged into chaos AGAIN after it was confirmed the Dens Park side are now looking seriously into a contingency plan with the Tayside pitch unfit for purpose following a ridiculous green light at the weekend and the subsequent damage done by that match.

Rangers are of course due to travel there tomorrow night, but a neutral venue, closed doors or even potentially Ibrox itself are all being looked into as potential plan Bs depending on what is unearthed today.

Dundee are also working on delaying the match 24 hours to try to get the sodden and broken pitch ready for the visit of Rangers, which we’d suggest is unlikely to go down well either.

The whole thing is probably the most incompetent and borderline criminal nonsense we’ve seen in the top flight on the pitch football-related for a very very long time and there’s no denying heads will have to roll for this.

Rangers fans have already voted that this should be a forfeit if the match can’t be played at Dens tomorrow night, and we’ve already endorsed that view on Ibrox Noise.

But the reality is the SPFL and Dundee will do everything they can to make the match not be forfeited, and that all rests on making it happen on Wednesday night.

What happens now?

Well the biggest issue, amusingly, is Sky Sports.

Sky are far from happy their flagship coverage was hurt 3 weeks ago, and it cost them a lot of viewers. Bottom line is ad revenue was affected because companies pay big money for massive football events’ coverage, and the ads shown didn’t get the same audience given the loss of the match.

Obviously Rangers fans won’t give a hoot about this, but it’s a very, very bad look for Dundee that their incompetence and negligence of their pitch has hurt the revenue of Sky, who feed Scottish football with modest revenue for the TV deal.

But end of the day?

We have no idea what is going to happen with this match.

What a shambles.

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