Dundee Rangers at risk yet again amid THIRD pitch inspection

Dundee Rangers at risk yet again amid THIRD pitch inspection
A sodden Dens Park this morning (Credit Rangers FC)

The Dundee farce took yet another twist as SPL chiefs insisted on a THIRD pitch inspection for today’s Motherwell clash to take place at 1PM, two hours before the match is due to kick off.

With Motherwell apologising to their supporters for the absolute mess that they are now enduring not long after Rangers supporters went through the same thing, there’s a conspicuous lack of apology from Dundee themselves amid a very, very real risk that next week’s Dundee Rangers match now requires some kind of contingency measure.

With excuse after excuse from the Tayside team and a complete lack of remorse, not to mention their wonderful ability to keep on blaming everyone else, we have rarely seen an SPL club behave this immaturely and unprofessionally.

Of course, there is a possibility if today’s match is called off, then the pitch gets extra recovery time for when Rangers travel there, ironically potentially increasing the chances of that one managing to go ahead after all.

But this is speculation – all we know for sure is this today would be Dundee’s 5th postponement this season, and that’s beyond absurd, beyond farcical for a top flight team, which clearly Dundee don’t have the infrastructure to be.

And the knock on effect for midweek just gets messier because Rangers don’t have scope for a second postponement after the original shambles.

With a hectic schedule which starts tomorrow with the big one, Rangers’ fixtures now are going to be intense, including the cup as well, so having a straggling match which is just a massive inconvenience is not going to help.

We’re not sure what we hope for today, a postponement or the match to go ahead.

A postponement means the pitch just isn’t fit for purpose and the Rangers match is in massive jeopardy, and the match going ahead means it likely cuts up crazy and ends up in no condition for another match midweek.

A total headache.

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