Dessers’ true Rangers £6M pricetag revealed amid media reports

Dessers’ true Rangers £6M pricetag revealed amid media reports
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - APRIL 21: Cyriel Dessers of Rangers applauds the fans after the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Hearts at Hampden Park on April 21, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Despite the Scottish press claiming Rangers paid £4.5M for Nigeria’s Cyriel Dessers, we can confirm that is only partially accurate, and was an initial fee.

We have reported, since the ex-Cremonese striker joined, that his fee was £6M, and that remains accurate – the £1.5M is addons, and Dessers has certainly achieved them this season with appearances and goals for sure.

We don’t know the exact clauses and addons of course, but given the season and appearances he’s ultimately nailed, there’s no denying his addons were nailed as well, and he’s ended up costing the full fee of £6M.

So the reports this morning saying he’s claiming he’s justifying his £4.5M fee are actually slightly misleading, and paradoxically generous because he cost £6M.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of press about him today, given he’s been giving a few soundbites, talking about his not being the ‘prettiest’ striker and how happy he is that he’s scored 20 for the season.

He is indeed a very crude striker, who works hard, scores goals and does his thing to the best of his ability.

We do, sadly, agree in part with Michael Stewart, who claims Dessers just isn’t up to being Rangers’ main striker.

We already expressed that some days ago – Dessers isn’t the man to be Rangers’ primary 9 even though he does well with the limitations he has.

We do need, overall, a much more complete striker up top.

But for now it’s Dessers and he’s doing well within his abilities, and that’s fair enough.

Is he a £6M striker? 20 goals for the season, yes, he probably is – he’s delivered decent value for the spent fee, more than any other summer signing last year – and sadly the days of £6M being a top-class striker are something of the past.

To get the level Rangers need up top we’re talking £10M or so, and we’re not sure we’re going to that number for a hitman.

But Dessers was over half that price, and he’s delivered on it.

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