“He’s done well – 8” – Rangers players rated v St Mirren

“He’s done well – 8” – Rangers players rated v St Mirren
PAISLEY, SCOTLAND - APRIL 28: Rangers manager Philippe Clement is seen prior to the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between St. Mirren FC and Rangers FC at The Simple Digital Arena on April 28, 2024 in Paisley, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images) (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

A pretty dreadful performance from Rangers at St Mirren Stadium, but the three points were mercifully secured by the visiting side.

Ibrox Noise offers our numbers on a match that could have been a massive banana skin:


One or two very big saves, but exposed by the defence and had to foul for a booking deep into the second half. Very involved, maybe regaining a fleck of form again. 7


Gigantic assist for Dessers’ winner, Tav’s defending early on bordered on the comical, but he did grow into things and won all 8 of his duels. Only managed two accurate crosses but one was a huge assist. After a shocker of a start, with the Buddies targeting his side knowing his vulnerabilities, he ended up decent. 7


Unfairly being lambasted for St Mirren’s goal, but we admit he did let Mandron get goal side too easily. Otherwise didn’t do an awful lot wrong, but was probably a bit less sturdy in Paisley than he had been at Hampden. 7


Tidy enough display, wasn’t caught out at all really and seemed more focused this time. Played better with Balogun (after that shocking first 15 minutes) than he did at Hampden. 7


Barely involved – for a rampaging full back no one in defence touched the ball less than he did. Tried 10 crosses – not a single one was any good. Really was a wasted shirt and a lot of the early defensive calamity was because the other three didn’t trust him. 5


Despite his contract situation he wasn’t awful – passing was solid, defensively he did a fair bit, and he managed a few shots. He was better than Hampden for sure, but we are a little surprised he started. 6


A bit of an inconsequential display. Didn’t see the strong performance we saw in Mount Florida, seemed a little disinterested here but did manage a brilliant pass which set up Tav for his assist. 6


Goodness, it’s saying how bare bones we are, and how short on wingers we are that this waste of space started. Lowest touches of any starter, he was so ineffectual it was embarrassing. He’s the Portuguese Scott Wright without the occasional inexplicable Messi moments. 4


Nope, lost on the wing today, it’s just not his slot, like LB isn’t. It worked ONCE v Benfica as a surprise trump card, but it’s never worked since. He is a f*cking midfielder Philippe, please figure that out. 4


Not as influential as he was last weekend, but was the clear target of a St Mirren campaign to take him out. It worked. He did have his moments but was generally subdued. 5


Just keeps on keeping on, scored the winner, was in the right place right time and now has 14 for the season. And none of them penalties, James. He’s done well. 8



Invisible. Hard to notice he was even on the pitch. He adds nothing and with national manager Michael O’Neill watching, he’ll be lucky to get another call up. 4


50% of his passes were to a St Mirren player. Looks like a player who needs a new club. 3


No real time to make any impact but rarely does anyway. 2


Clement selected a few players off the best XI he could, with a few bad calls again (Davies should have been LB, Sterling should have been DM and Roofe should have been RW), and it’s the error selections (again) that led to yet another rank display. The OG was lucky, the goal conceded wasn’t even against the run of play, and but for a moment of magic from Tav’s cross and Dessers’ predatory goal, this was another points dropped. Clement is struggling, both with tactics, the squad, and pressure. He’s just not shining right now and this result was despite him, not because of him. His subs did not win this game. He was a dejected and frustrated figure for the bulk of the 90. It’s hard to rate him highly for a win when his tactics had absolutely nothing to do with it. 5

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