Ross McCausland is becoming a mainstay for Philippe Clement’s Rangers

Ross McCausland is becoming a mainstay for Philippe Clement’s Rangers
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 03: Ross McCausland of Rangers has an attempt at goal during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Rangers FC and Livingston FC at Ibrox Stadium on February 03, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We have to say Ross McCausland is beginning to remind us of yesteryear’s DaMarcus Beasley.

The Auchenhowie graduate is a clear favourite of Rangers manager Philippe Clement, and while initially he echoed a little of Neil McCann, those comparisons are just not remotely accurate.

But Beasley? A little bit yes.

The American international, as a winger, was a different kind of winger, say, to Oscar Cortes.

When we envisage a winger, it’s a speedy flanker at full pace using width and beating men before either crossing/assisting or scoring.

That’s very much the style of Cortes and indeed Rabbi Matondo.


He was much more of a metronome, an anchor. He never really beat defenders, he tended to receive the ball in that position, safely hold play up on that side of the pitch, and then distribute it to the other attackers around him.

In short, he didn’t beat men, he was the support act.

And that looks very much the type of winger McCausland is.

He just doesn’t cross, he barely gets balls into the box, and he doesn’t beat too many defenders.

What he does do is similar to Beasley – he presses, contains, runs, and is usually in a good position to help support the play around him.

Simply put, he’s not a flashy winger like Cortes, he won’t run at 80mph and beat 6 men before putting the ball in the box, and he isn’t Matondo either, with his dribbling.

What he’s doing is more measured – while he didn’t have the best game last night and maybe hasn’t been overall in the best form the past week or two, what he gives out wide is valuable to Clement’s system.

We’re having to readjust what we expect from McCausland – he’s not that quick, he’s not that strong, but he’s zippy, and he finds a lot of space.

Crucially, he works very hard to find that space, and presses opponents when off the ball.

This is why Clement likes him – don’t expect crosses, assists, or goals from McCausland – we’re realising he’s just not that kind of attacker.

Which we suppose is a little surprising that the manager selected him for a match we needed a load of goals from…

But either way, McCausland is sticking around under Clement and we’re winning.

Can’t ask for more.

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