“Hard not to give him 10” – Rangers ratings v County

“Hard not to give him 10” – Rangers ratings v County
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 17: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, celebrates victory at full-time following the Viaplay Cup Final match between Rangers and Aberdeen at Hampden Park on December 17, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Yes, the ratings do indeed make another return, we know how much many of you guys and gals love them, so we’ll offer our take on a solid night for Rangers which fractionally missed out on top spot via goal difference:


Aside that one single moment where he was beaten by a fantastic finish, Butland might as well have had his deck chair out. Barely needed or involved in this one. 5


Did absolutely nothing as a defender, but managed a stunning hat trick of assists, the opening one being especially outstanding for Dessers. He was basically playing as a winger and peppered a tonne of balls in the box, as well as shots and key passes. Not needed at the back at all, but it’s hard not to give him 10.


Very weak for Eamonn Brophy, just like he’d been beaten by Miovski as well, and let the forward get his cross in – and yet otherwise he won almost everything else both aerially and on the ground – 12 wins of 14. He was badly culpable at that goal but otherwise was tight enough. 7


Won nothing on the floor but imperious in the air, yet like Goldson he was napping for the goal – but scored the valuable third which reset the SPL. 8


A tonne of crosses from the wee man, but did a total ‘Tav’ and was caught out of position for the goal, no support for Goldson or Souttar with the action down his side. Apart from that, he was decent. 7


Caught sleeping with one delayed pass which caused a big turnover, but was in control aside that. His usual strong self. 8


He’s an intelligent player and he used the ball quite well but maybe lacking a bit of influence in this one and was taken off. 7


It’s hard to find much fault here either, aside his one stupid moment of petulance – Cantwell had probably his best match this season overall, much more like his old self. Lots of tight close control, good passing, and hard work off the ball. This was solid from the man and we’ve definitely noticed a huge improvement in him since we signed Diomande! 8


Might consider himself unlucky to be hooked, he managed two shots, both of which were dangerous and could have resulted in more. Was hungry enough and seems to be the sacrificial lamb up front at the moment. 7


Little impact as a winger, keeps having such quiet matches and doesn’t seem that suited to running at anyone. Didn’t beat anyone, no good crosses and just a spot of defending – lost all but one of his 4 duels, and just seems underwhelming overall. Clement really likes him though, has faith in him. He’s seeing things we’re not, but that’s his job. 6


Will be so frustrated at missing so many chances, but also scored two great, great goals, especially the first one. He’s a great striker when he doesn’t think about things, but loses his composure when he does. Hard to be too harsh on a guy who got two goals. 8



Electric. Power, pace, trickery, skill – all the same stuff was there, but this guy has the body strength to literally barge through a low block. Was so unlucky with a near miss. He is by a distance our best winger and it can’t be long before he’s starting regularly. 9

Silva/Wright/Diomande didn’t do a lot to affect the match and we’ll leave those ratings.


Clement stressed the importance pre-match of scoring lots of goals, and started a pretty attacking team. It was all going to plan as well when Dessers opened the scoring but it slowed down and the boss was very hesitant to make any notable changes. Clement is sometimes very pro-active to make the switches, other times he leaves it way too late. He will be happy enough that we got the win, but far from happy about how hard we made it for ourselves. But we do attribute a little responsibility to him for slow subs and maybe not starting Cortes. End of the day, the SPL is reset thanks to this man so it’s hard to be too harsh again. 8

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