Rangers ‘cancel’ Celtic after planned invasion

Rangers ‘cancel’ Celtic after planned invasion
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 28: Caitlin Hayes of Celtic vies with Maddie Nolf of Rangers during the Women's Scottish Cup Final between Celtic and Rangers at Hampden Park on May 28, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It was meant to be a respectful, family, friendly football environment with women’s football being an infinitely more ‘clement’ arena without segregation and a lot more like American sport when rival fans sit together.

Not like men’s football here where fans can’t be trusted and are segregated.

But Sunday’s Old Firm at Ibrox has been ruined by a pack of thug Celtic fans who decided to snap up tickets and apparently use the occasion to turn a healthy football match into a political demonstration.

From what we understand, certain aspects of Celtic’s Green Brigade had allegedly infiltrated this one and were planning some kind of pro-Palestine demonstration, much to the chagrin of pretty much everyone. Whatever the ‘risk’ was, as quoted by Rangers’ statement, it was clearly unwanted.

We’ve kept out of politics for quite a long time on Ibrox Noise, and we shall continue to do so, and trying to bring such unsavoury themes (whether Palestine or anything else) into a friendly women’s match where children and indeed women are present really is terribly unbecoming.

Having received intelligence to this nature from both the police, Celtic themselves and of course the club’s own sources, it was deemed that the police presence required to manage this unsavoury invasion was contrary to the philosophies of what is supposed to be a family occasion, and Rangers cancelled all of Celtic’s tickets.

Celtic’s own counter statement actually seemed to agree with the decision to an extent, because it didn’t slaughter Rangers for this, only suggesting they were ‘disappointed’ all the tickets were cancelled and not just some.

Meaning that yes, there was a disruptive force trying to ruin a women’s match.

This is poor. It’s bad enough when neds want to have their say at a typical football match, but trying to wreck a women’s match really is a bit of a new low.

Not good.

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