Clement dismisses Rangers’ goal difference entirely

Clement dismisses Rangers’ goal difference entirely
Philippe Clement is a popular manager allright

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has played down goal difference claiming he won’t look at such things until after the final match of the season.

Speaking pre-Saints, the Belgian Ibrox boss suggested the stats don’t really matter to him, and they will only be relevant once the last ball is kicked.

Of course, given he also said that data DOES matter to him and that he’s looking into such metrics, we’re not quite sure we entirely believe him, but we will admit he says the right things to the press.

He said:

“Not until the last game (will I look at goal difference). I ask my players to score as many goals as possible in every game. It is not like we score three goals and then I say, “guys that is enough”. I have pushed that from the first day and you saw that on the first day as we scored four goals against Hibernian. I want them to be ambitious from the first second till the last and take the maximum from every game. There is no difference in our approach now compared to four months ago. I always want to take the most out of the game and the best out of the game.”

This is of course a sensible approach, to inform us that he wants his team to score as many as possible.

But then repeatedly picking Ross McCausland isn’t going to help much on that front because he doesn’t create, score or assist – but that’s another debate for another time.

The point is Clement suggests he’s not looking at the table, and we’re not overly sure we believe him on that one either. Because every single Rangers fan is doing that, looking at the table.

Goal difference? There is no way he’s ignoring that, given GD is worth a point in Scottish football.

We’re dead level with Celtic, but one goal more than they or one less conceded is worth a lead in the table itself.

Surely the manager will be abreast of that…

But then, maybe he really isn’t. Only he knows.

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