43 shots but only 3 goals? Why Rangers fans shouldn’t worry

43 shots but only 3 goals? Why Rangers fans shouldn’t worry
Rangers manager Philippe Clement barking orders at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers fans are slightly divided, albeit not over anything majorly serious – no, it’s the topic of winning last night, but not scoring more than 3.

Most fans are happy we won, of course, but there’s that nagging feeling of 43 shots and just 3 goals to show for it.

It’s absolutely not good enough on the face of it, but as striking legend Gary Lineker has said, missing goals isn’t the problem – not being in the position to get a good shot away is the problem, because then your movement isn’t good enough and you’re not playing the role right.

In short?

Missing the target 10 times is ok if you still score a few – all Rangers fans would have been horrified if we only managed 10 shots total, and maybe 1 on target, with a 50/50 on that even being a goal.

That would have suggested that for all the possession, all the transitions and all the passing, we simply weren’t getting in the right movement to open the opponent up and get a shot away.

It is infinitely better to have chances and waste most of them, than have few to none and just get no shots away.

Why? Because you can get better at finishing chances – to get better at making them in the first place is much, much harder and requires a tactical rethink.

Under Clement the tactics are mostly on point, and the team is making plenty of opportunities, it’s just not finishing them off.

As Big Phil said, there will be improvement in finishing in time, and the team will get better at taking their chances, but we’d be infinitely more worried if the chances weren’t even there.

Despite County running a low block, Rangers still pummelled them – the goals just didn’t quite flow.

End of the world? No, disappointing, frustrating, but we’d much rather be frustrated by not taking our chances than by not actually having any in the first place.

Mind you, a quality striker would help that even further…

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