“Why did Butland go there?” – Souness with staggering Rangers comments

“Why did Butland go there?” – Souness with staggering Rangers comments
NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, UNITED KINGDOM - OCTOBER 23: Graeme Souness the manager of Newcastle United before the Barclays Premiership match between Newcastle United and Sunderland at St James' Park on October 23, 2005 in Newcastle, England. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

Graeme Souness has once again put his size 12s in it after the ex-Rangers manager and player demonstrated just why he missed out on the consultation role at Ibrox with yet another bafflingly insulting and stupid borderline anti-Rangers comment.

Speaking on TalkSport (again) with Simon Jordan (again) the absolute eedjit who now speaks nothing but complete sh*t in the press, had this to say on Jack Butland:

“How they’ve got Jack Butland, it’s a mystery to me. I’ve been up there several times and watched him this year, I watched the Old Firm game. He looks like the complete goalkeeper. I look at him thinking at 30 years old which as a goalkeeper, you’re entering your best years, and I’m thinking ‘How have Rangers got him’ because he is a really, really top goalkeeper.”

So, translation:

“What the actual f*ck is a top goalie like Butland doing at Rangers? How the utter hell did that team get HIM?”

For a man who claims himself to be a massive Rangers fan, a boyhood fan, his post-Sky punditing career has been a complete disaster Rangers-wise.

He wrecked his homecoming consultation advisory role by talking borderline smack about Philippe Clement and praising his own personal choice Frank Lampard, before then lying about that and completely changing his reasons for picking Lampard, and this clearly undermined any permanent job he was going to get with the club.

Then this.

A clear claim that Jack Butland is too good for Rangers, that we don’t deserve him, that we are not worthy of a goalie who couldn’t get a game for Crystal Palace…

Of course we love Jack, and that was Palace’s error, but the fact that Souness is slating the club by strongly stating that Jack Butland can do much better than Glasgow Rangers FC is the death knell in any affection this site used to have for the man.

He dumped our club in 1991, we forgave him, before questionable decisions regarding the s*n sullied him forever with the Liverpool support, and now he’s completely b*ll*cks*d up his relationship with Rangers by slaughtering us via stupid comments on radio.

Stick to charity Graeme, you’re a lot better at it.

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