Rangers updates on futures of Ridvan Yilmaz and Borna Barisic

Rangers updates on futures of Ridvan Yilmaz and Borna Barisic
Borna and Ridvan doing their thing in Spain (Credit Rangers FC)

A big story that’s been doing the rounds this winter is the futures of Borna Barisic and Ridvan Yilmaz and the LB slot in general.

Yilmaz had been reported as arriving in Italy for talks with Hellas Verona but that he’s currently in Spain with the Rangers camp suggests either those talks didn’t yield results or the whole story was a great big pile of fictional nonsense.

There’s also Borna, he’s out in Spain as well, and the word there is he’s going to just wind down his contract and see what his options this summer are. Unless Rangers get some randomly big offer for the Croat this window, he’s going nowhere for half a season.

So the urgency, for now, to bring in a Josh Doig or a Gijs Smal is, right now, pretty modest.

Rangers supporters have been quite happy with Yilmaz’ displays recently, he’s nailed down the first team at long last, even if he does see his future long term being elsewhere, so if he doesn’t seal a switch this window we can at least get another good 6 months out of him before he likely moves on anyway and for good money off the back of, theoretically, good form and increased market value.

The Yilmaz situation could be a win win.

As for Borna… well he’s just biding his time now – unless a huge pre-contract comes up and/or someone offers a fair few quid for him this window he’s going to wait till the summer as a free agent and he will have little trouble finding a new gig.

A Croat international with 30 caps and the CV and experience he has? Borna will not be short of offers at all.

But it seems to be putting the breaks on Doig and Smal for now anyway. That said we understand there’s been a further enquiry about Liverpool’s Owen Beck who had previously been recalled by Jurgen Klopp amid press claims a previous enquiry had yielded a ‘no’.

We’re not sure what’s changed to see a second attempt at the ex-Dundee defender but hey, anything goes.

Yes, the left back slot is of major interest – it’s hard to know at any time what is actually going on, as we said before Rangers no longer leak info to any ‘media partners’ or whatever H&H and 4lads or Rangers Review call themselves these days.

So we’ll just watch and wait to see what happens at LB as well as everywhere else.

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