Jurasek to Hoffenheim as more Rangers fantasist media exposed

Jurasek to Hoffenheim as more Rangers fantasist media exposed
LISBON, PORTUGAL - JULY 25: David Jurasek of SL Benfica during the Pre-Season Friendly match between SL Benfica and Burnley FC at Estadio do Restelo on July 25, 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal. (Photo by Gualter Fatia/Getty Images)

As explained earlier on Ibrox Noise, ‘exclusive’ reports from the infamous Fraser Fletcher that Rangers were to sign Benfica’s David Jurasek on loan were, as elaborated, literal b*ll*cks, as the left back closes in on a move to Germany’s Bundesliga with Hoffenheim.

We absolutely, totally, urge caution when receiving news online, including, we introspectively concede, from ourselves, because it’s clear not a single ‘source’ has even been remotely correct with Rangers news this window.

4lads, H&H, and every possible click-on news source along with the mainstream outlets like BBC and Sky has got every single claim wrong this window, with Rangers, as Ibrox Noise explained, massively tightening up on the info they give out.

All we know for sure is Fraser Fletcher is as reliable as the weather and just fills his quota for content and goes home happy to his dinner at the end of the day.

He gets nothing right and has no reliable sources in the ‘industry’.

4lads and H&H do – both are credible, but both suffer Rangers’ massive clampdown on leaks and H&H state they are no longer even official media partners, which is a bit curious given it’s still a claim on their website.

But that means even the former partners like them and FF are no longer privy to the unique info previous boards leaked out to gauge fan reaction to that news.

Now it’s very tight, in-house, and the latest fabrication from Fletcher has been poo pooed by Portuguese outlet Abola who confirmed tonight that Jurasek will switch to Hoffenheim.

Don’t believe anything you read from British media re: Rangers, but you can trust Ibrox Noise to bring you honesty at all times, even if it’s honest errors. We will not make up stories from nowhere just to look ‘exclusive’.

We’ll bring you what we have, but Rangers, rightly, have made it very tough to get things ‘correct’.

It’s much tighter, no moles, and now a lot of it is tricky to predict.

Honestly, that’s the way it should be.

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