‘Unreliable’ sources claiming Rangers in loan deal for Benfica’s Jurasek

‘Unreliable’ sources claiming Rangers in loan deal for Benfica’s Jurasek
Benfica's Czech defender #13 David Jurasek attends a training session at Benfica Campus in Seixal, outskirts of Lisbon, on September 19, 2023, on the eve of the UEFA Champions League Group D football match between SL Benfica and RB Salzburg. (Photo by Patricia DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP) (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)

We strongly advise caution with the repeated rumours spewing from TeamTalk, who we previously tentatively endorsed, after learning the majority of Rangers-related stories coming from that site are in fact penned by the notorious fantasist Fraser Fletcher, who has been discredited more times than Donald Trump.

While one or two stories coming from that source are not at his hand, the majority of them are, and while ‘he reports’ that Rangers have made an approach for Benfica’s David Jurasek, we find that as unlikely as us making an approach for Messi.

Simply because it’s Fletcher.

He’s infamous. He’s a discredited tabloid garbage-peddler who claims false stories with exclusives and we’re unaware of him ever getting anything right that wasn’t already out there and widely-known.

His X account these days is a litany of fabrication, and if Fraser Fletcher claims we’ve made a bid for Jurasek, it means either the bid we already know about that the player reportedly dismissed, or that we 100% have not bid further for the Czechia defender.

He’s not alone. There have been a hundred stories this window – Ibrox Noise is doing our best to bring everything we’ve heard, but we are not claiming exclusives on many of them if any, because you have to be incredibly sure your source is organic, unique and hasn’t already spewed this story out to other channels before you.

Without giving away any of our private sources (the number of times folk ask ‘who’s your source?’), we frequently get exclusive stories in our inbox, but those exclusives are in fact time-based and other outlets will get them as well.

The ‘exclusive’ factor is simply down to who’s first with the story in publication, and we suspect Mr Fletcher, who tries to hide behind the name ‘Gillan’ these days, just publishes rubbish to satisfy his TeamTalk paymasters.

If Rangers’ own (former?) media partners are no longer privy to private club transfer stories, we highly doubt a failed journo-turned-media regurgitator is.

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