Former boss Michael Beale opens ‘manager’ feud with Rangers

Former boss Michael Beale opens ‘manager’ feud with Rangers
Thank goodness this fool is gone.

Barely 12 hours after suggesting we’d written our final piece on Michael Beale, the ol’ geezer jumps into the Rangers inbox again by taking a petty swipe at the club and making up yet more lies, this time about the circumstances of his job at Ibrox.

Speaking to Sunderland on his new appointment, Beale engaged in some glorious revisionism by claiming he’d never wanted to be Rangers ‘manager’ (despite being appointed as that) and only wanted to be ‘head coach’, alleging he was being pulled in several directions due to the departures of Stewart Robertson, Mark Waller and Ross Wilson.

He said (for what little it’s worth):

“I went into QPR as a head coach and originally went into Rangers in the same role and there were a lot of changes with people leaving. I got pulled into different places.”

Absolutely pathetic – even Simon Jordan was slaughtering this drivel as he rightly did Graeme Souness’ nonsense a few weeks ago.

So, after months of calling himself Rangers manager, of being appointed Rangers manager, Michael Beale now claims he was appointed head coach and didn’t actually want the role of manager at all.

Well, that’s a steaming pile of manure if ever we heard it.

He was clearly, patently, 100% explicitly called Rangers manager, and even called himself it enthusiastically on the day he was unveiled:

“It is fantastic to be back and to see everybody this morning, there are some new faces but some people that I know really well so it is great to see everyone. I am hugely proud, it is a wonderful, wonderful football club, it is an institution. For everyone that works here it is a huge privilege, but to be the manager of this football club, that is extremely special. Some wonderful people have sat in this chair prior to me, and I am hugely proud to be the person sat here now.”

And then we have Jim White confirming Beale would text him whining about pundits criticising him in the media.

“[The criticism] got to him a bit. He used to message me when you [Jordan] were digging him out.”

See, the problem when you employ a charlatan like Michael Beale is that the fallout from his exit will rumble for years.

To this day we still babble on about Pedro, about Warburton, and neither of these guys were the toxicity of Beale.

So as much as we never want to mention Beale again, if he’s basically going to lie (again) about our club, we’re not going to take that lying down.

Thank God for Philippe Clement.

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