Sunderland are taking the Mick out of fans with Rangers cast-off

Sunderland are taking the Mick out of fans with Rangers cast-off
Apparently this geeza was watching the Sunderland U21s....

This might be the final time Ibrox Noise ever mentions Michael Beale, we’re well aware the ‘what’s this got to do with Rangers’ brigade will be giving it their usual patter, but we couldn’t care less.

Sunderland, inexplicably, have taken the Mick out of their fans by charging Beale with the responsibility of getting them promoted – they fired Tony Mowbray, and by the reaction of supporters we’re seeing, as we reported a few days ago, Mackems are not happy at all.

What their club spewed out as his welcome statement shows just how comical this appointment is:

“We have monitored Michael’s career for some time and we are delighted to have reached an agreement for him to become our new Head Coach. He has an excellent and well-founded reputation for developing players and he is an outstanding progressive coach, who is aligned with our playing identity and naturally fits within our structure alongside Mike Dodds and the wider team.”

If they’ve monitored his career for some time, why on earth are they touching him?

And if he’s aligned with your ‘playing identity’, we suspect your fans will be wonder how out of touch the board is…

They go on:

“…although Michael has had a setback…”


Quite a few actually.

We have no gripe with Sunderland as a club or their fans, but this signing really is abysmal.

Michael Beale has no business being a manager, and he has no business being a head coach.

He overperformed for a while at low-demand QPR, had a disaster at Rangers, and now he’s got a club who simply must have promotion.

Do we dislike the man? Yes, we do. We disliked him from the start, the moment he lied and was caught doing so to QPR, and the number of lies just mounted up as he became our manager, as did his appalling and destructive management of our club.

Yes, some fans are pointing at his stats, but if ever lies damn lies and statistics applied, it’s to Beale.

There are some ex-Gers we just can’t forgive. To this day some Rangers fans can’t forgive Souness, and some can’t accept Johnston either. Some wounds run deep, and for Ibrox Noise, Beale may just be among those.

Just ask Scotty Arfield.

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