Clement destroys BBC journalist after Parkhead trolling

Clement destroys BBC journalist after Parkhead trolling
Clement wily with the BBC to say the least....

Philippe Clement may have made a few errors as Rangers manager so far (no one’s perfect) and got a thing or two wrong at Parkhead, but Ibrox fans are especially full of praise for how he handled the BBC’s Kheredine Idessane’s bait-filled question following the loss in Glasgow’s East End.

In an emotionally-charged interview, the Pacific Quay hack, whose job in fairness it is to ask the questions, did pose a bit of journalistic bait, and Clement was having absolutely none of it.

Asked ‘did the better team win’, Clement refused to give Idessane the reaction:

With a wry contemptuous smile curling on his lips, Rangers’ boss said:

“You want to get a reaction or something, did you think that the better team win? I ask this question to you now…”

Idessane stuck to his guns and explained he was asking a question of what the Rangers manager thought and Clement was then equal to it:

“No, but I am curious about your…what you think – did the better team win today?”

At this point Clement had a steely look on his face, from the earlier contempt to determination and focus, and he actually managed to bait Idessane back:

“You could say that it was highly competitive, between both teams.”

Now, regardless of who Idessane ‘supports’ or has allegiances to, this was a bit of an unprofessional question.

The professional question was to neutrally ask how Clement assessed the match and if he felt it was a fair result, but instead, Idessane tried to get a reaction, and was unprofessional in doing so.

This is the kind of stuff that, persistently, back in the day saw Rangers withdraw cooperation with the BBC, and then led to their boycotting the club for 7+ years.

Idessane can support Celtic all he likes, if he does, but in ‘work’ mode he has to remain professional and if he’s going to interview the Rangers manager, he must do so impartially and cordially.

His question yesterday was poor, and showed a tabloid mentality of getting a quote.

Which, we must say, Clement handled beautifully.

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