“Rangers best player – 7” player ratings v Celtic at Parkhead

“Rangers best player – 7” player ratings v Celtic at Parkhead
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - DECEMBER 30: Philippe Clement, Manager of Rangers, reacts during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at Celtic Park Stadium on December 30, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Rangers lost again at Celtic Park after yet another horrendous performance practically gifted the hosts the three points.

After a hiatus, and back (for now) by popular demand, the ratings make an appearance:


Honestly felt he could have done slightly better with the first, and had no chance with the second. His wait for a ‘McGregor Miracle’ save goes on, and he didn’t actually have the most impressive match. 5


If we remove his stunning free kick, he was very poor as an attacking force, but did defend reasonably well, albeit was done once or twice. His crossing missed the mark completely, and he just didn’t seem to offer enough until he scored. 5


Clearly wasn’t fit, looked sluggish, weak, terrible passing, and was exposed a few times. It wasn’t a great decision from PC to play an unfit player, not that Goldson at full pelt is Paulo Maldini either. 4


It was probably the worst he’s ever played as a Rangers player, in either spell. Funny how he always looks worse when paired with Calamity Connor. Didn’t really dominate at the back and obviously suffered the ignominy of a red card. 4


Overall Rangers’ best defender, did a bit of everything and while his crossing is a lot less of a weapon than Borna’s, the Turk didn’t let himself down today. 6


He was alright, got a lot of the ball despite not being massively fit, and tried to do things with it – despite coming off no one aside Tavernier actually had more of the ball. Broke up a lot in the middle but ultimately was outnumbered by Celtic’s men. 6


Rangers’ best player on the day, Sterling actually looked the part. Passing was the best in the shirt, broke up tonnes and read things well. This ‘Coventry reject’ (our words) is looking very very good and taking his chance. 7


Literally abysmal. As we’ve said a million times, if he’s not scoring he’s a passenger. His passing is so bad, he lost the ball a tonne of times and his composure was non-existent. 3


A hard-working display (he will always graft), but exposed naively at both goals when he let his man go. Offered a shot or two but final product simply wasn’t there, as has been the case for him since he broke through. 5


Just keeps on flunking on the big occasion, weak in the passing, absolutely atrocious decision-making and mostly lost out on any duel or press in the opposition half. He’s never shone in a single match that actually mattered v Celtic. 4


The Nigerian was overlooked for a place with his country at the Ivory Coast, and whether that was playing on his mind or his performance was justification of that decision we don’t know, but this was among the most horrible striking performances we’ve ever seen in a Rangers shirt in this fixture. His passing was ok in truth, but when it came to the currency of his occupation, product, he was found so painfully lacking that it was slightly embarrassing. The one-on-one fail will, sadly, define him. Another case of a Rangers striker bigging themselves up in the media before a Celtic match then flubbing it totally, isn’t that right Fashion? But there was just no one to replace him with. 0



Appalling decision to shoot when Tav was free and this display in this match showed why Dowell isn’t Rangers Standard. 4


Didn’t offer anything noticeable. 4


He did fine in truth. 5


We were genuinely surprised to see Goldson in Philippe Clement’s lineup, because he clearly wasn’t fit and showed that throughout this match, and while fellow fans suggested they were delighted with the XI, we had our concerns that he and Lunny had been thrown back in, evidently not at the races. As it was, Clement’s first 10 minutes at Parkhead seemed to vindicate all the hype about himself, and Rangers looked sharp, fresh and even had the ascendancy with some good play and decent exchanges. But Celtic took control around 15 minutes and their goal was deserved. Clement didn’t seem proactive at all, instead ranting at officials (understandably) and he didn’t make changes to a system and selection that wasn’t working too well. He indeed left it till far too late to offer anything different, and the second half instant goal from Kyogo murdered the match dead. Like at Pittodrie, Clement was a part of why this didn’t work for Rangers today, and while the players were mostly very short of what was needed, the manager, again, struggled at a major away venue. While there was a rally after Tav’s stunner, it wouldn’t actually have been particularly deserved in truth.

Rangers managers are judged on the matches v Celtic, and if we praise Clement rightly for last 16 and the League Cup Final, he must take on the chin this fail at Parkhead as well. 4

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  1. Great to see the ratings back. We need start playing Sima as a number 9 if needed, obv we have a player comin in now who can play num 9, but would play Sima there anyday before i stuck Dessers there.

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