Ex-Rangers winger Ryan Kent is to leave Fenerbahce…

Ex-Rangers winger Ryan Kent is to leave Fenerbahce…
12/24/2023 Istanbul, Turkey. Ryan Kent of Fenerbahce seen before the match. Fenerbahce and Galatasaray faced each other in the Trendyol Super Lig (Turkish Super League), the match took place at Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium (Photo by Yagiz Gurtug / Middle East Images / Middle East Images via AFP) (Photo by YAGIZ GURTUG/Middle East Images/AFP via Getty Images)

There’s no doubt Ryan Kent’s Rangers exit was extremely unpopular. The one-time loved winger became somewhat unpopular when he simply didn’t sign a new deal, and his ‘departure’ evening was roundly criticised (including by Ibrox Noise) for his appalling choice of apparel.

But let’s not also forget at his best he was absolutely unstoppable, and the only reason he left Rangers and lost his ‘focus’ was Michael Beale, pure and simple.

After having great respect for his former youth coach, it was a different story as manager and Beale’s disregard for wingers and appalling general conduct forced Kent out, much like many other players.

It led to ‘that’ night which sealed the deal for so many Rangers fans that Kent was now the devil incarnate.

But he isn’t.

He’s a fine winger who made a turd of a choice to go to Turkey, in a league completely out of his comfort zone, with a language he didn’t speak a word of, in a country he might only have had one or two sangrias in in the past. He will leave next month.

And Rangers are desperate in the wings department with not a single player in form or really capable on either flank – McCausland isn’t there yet, Matondo is inconsistent at best, Lawrence is out for a while and Sima isn’t a winger AND is off to the Ivory Coast in a few days.

Is this a move Philippe Clement would want to make?

Clement knows Kent – he is aware of him, and he’s aware of his situation – Kent would be a brilliant loan to bring back in January, and anyone with the most basic understanding of football knows Kent in form is almost unplayable.

It would sort out the left wing completely, and Kent under Clement, properly playing as a winger, would be reborn entirely and the shambles under Beale which killed his form and relationship with Rangers fans would be forgotten.

It would be unpopular, no doubt about it, but if Clement signed off on it most fans would back it, and urge Kent to ‘prove them wrong’.

On Kent specifically, Clement said:

“I can tell something really important for the next two months. I never go into rumours because it is no use to go into rumours. I will speak about players if they are in the building because I have been now more than 30 years in football. So many things can happen before a player is in the building or out the building. It is of no use to talk about rumours with me because I can only say things when they are realistic. And it is not about this case, I want to be clear about that, just in general for the next two months – for December and January.”

Would this one happen? We’ll see.

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