The next two months are absolutely massive for Rangers

The next two months are absolutely massive for Rangers
Clement celebrates a massive winner for Danilo at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Having posited the next two weeks for Rangers and the club’s fans, more tellingly and importantly what can the supporters expect for the next two months.

In many ways this period will be the pivotal one for the title – the November December spell is usually where the league is won and lost.

Rangers’ incredible run during this spell, wholly down to the sensational form of Ryan Jack in 2020, is what led to 55. His injury in February pretty much ended Rangers’ form but by then the title was within the team’s reach and we got there anyway.

And that’s the same period as Celtic overturning Rangers’ lead in 2011, Rangers’ 15-point lead to become champions thereafter.

So this spell matters.

And for Rangers fans, it matters hugely. We have Celtic on the 30th of next month, and of course a League Cup final in just over four weeks v Aberdeen.

The one thing we can’t do, that Philippe Clement can’t do, is sign any players, aside current free agents (not impossible, we will look into that), and he will have to wait till January before the club can sanction any additions.

So while the squad ex-manager Michael Beale put together is and was a mess, Clement is still managing to get a tune from them even at this early point.

So what can he achieve by January?

Let’s obviously not get ahead of ourselves – there is a long way to go and much to do before we can start to think about implications of a good November and December – the vital first stage is to literally engage the football cliché of one match at a time.

Clement has restored so much of the feelgood factor at Ibrox but the new era under this manager remains fledgling and we hope a lot of good work is done in the next two weeks to take us into a strong run towards the end of the year.

Including a trophy.

Boy would that be a big deal…

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