Rangers’ Philippe Clement doesn’t outright reject Ryan Kent speculation

Rangers’ Philippe Clement doesn’t outright reject Ryan Kent speculation
Rangers manager Philippe Clement at today's pre-match presser.

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has announced he refuses to deal with ‘rumours’ and will not address any player who is ‘not in this building’, in response to stories linking ex-Ibrox winger Ryan Kent with a move back to Govan.

Speaking at long last before his first trip to Pittodrie, Rangers’ manager dismissed all rumours and said he’s simply not interested in entertaining such talk and will not humour any player discussion with anyone who isn’t already a Rangers player.

He said:

“I can tell you something really important, for the next two months I never go into rumours because it’s of no use to go into rumours. I will speak about players if they are in the building because I have been out more than 30 years in football, and so many things can happen before a player is in the building or out the building. It’s of no use to talk about rumours with me.”

So if any press think Clement will discuss any player who isn’t a Rangers player already, they are going to be disappointed. Unlike ex-boss Beale, who was happy to spill about about 90% of the players he was interested in, Clement won’t say a word.

He went on:

“I can only say about things when they are realistic and it’s not about this case I want to be clear about that, it’s just in general for the next two months for December and January.”

Slight language barrier there, he means he can only discuss things that have happened, successfully, rather than in ‘rumour’ stage. And he’s not referring to Ryan Kent in particular here, which he wanted to emphasise.

Does this mean Kent isn’t or is coming?

Neither, because Clement isn’t the one who deals with transfers at Rangers, as we have already explained. The club will bring players in, with his consultation of course, but if Ryan Kent is a realistic prospect, Clement isn’t the one to tell anyone.

And that’s that.

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