Philippe Clement’s Rangers honeymoon well and truly over

Philippe Clement’s Rangers honeymoon well and truly over
Clement signaling at Pittodrie (Credit Rangers FC)

The draw at Pittodrie is indeed Philippe Clement’s honeymoon period at Rangers over for sure. It wasn’t a loss, true, and thankfully Celtic didn’t gain points on us in the end, but it is absolutely a flunk from both the manager and the players to fail to deliver on such a massive occasion.

Clement is right – we did have a lot of chances – we hit the post and bar more than twice, and Roos was in good form to stop a good few shots as well.

But we don’t agree with the manager that we ‘deserved more’. There’s no such thing in football as ‘deserve’. That’s loser talk – deserved more because we hit the post? No, we weren’t good enough to get it on target to go in, or to beat the keeper. We were even gifted a contentious penalty in truth.

We didn’t ‘deserve’ anything we didn’t do, because we don’t speak in chance, or in luck terms on Ibrox Noise.

Doing so is making excuses and we won’t tolerate such language.

This was for us Clement’s first duff note as manager. He’s been marvellous, and we’ve mostly liked how he talks, but while the players clearly didn’t deliver on the day, the manager, for the second time in recent weeks, praised a bad display.

He did the same v Hearts, and we weren’t thrilled with the language there either. He praised the team for scraping the win, rather than condemning the horrific performance.

And if this is what he is going to accept, Rangers will have problems.

Clement is great, we love the man, but he’s not perfect, and against Aberdeen his team wasn’t right and he didn’t fix it.

Indeed, he was actually rather passive on the sidelines and looked slightly clueless.

Welcome truly to Scottish football Philippe, you’ve a lot to learn about the pressure of Rangers if you think Rangers were truly good enough today or deserved more.

You make your own luck, and Rangers didn’t make much of anything unfortunately.

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