“9 goals in 5 years – 3” – Rangers rated v Aberdeen

“9 goals in 5 years – 3” – Rangers rated v Aberdeen
Sima fighting for the ball at Pittodrie (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers blew a massive chance to claw back points on Celtic today after barely scraping a draw at Pittodrie in a match which left no one happy.

Ibrox Noise scores our players on a hugely frustrating afternoon:


Can’t actually help feeling he could have got closer to the opening goal, but his initial save from Sokler was outstanding. Was forced into a few stops otherwise and mostly had a good match. 7


Aside his penalty, he had no useful impact on this match, and his gloryhunting was summed up by stealing a clear Barisic free kick. Defensively hardly involved, spent all his time in the opposition half. Such a frustrating player. 6


Appalling for the opening goal, sliced open a few times, and spent most of the afternoon showing off his new lower socks. Won a controversial penalty. 5


Struggled early on beside Goldson, a lack of coherence between them led to a lot of balls down their middle, but he, as usual, did pretty much all the work. Needs a better partner. Nearly scored. 7


Pretty abysmal – rotten passing, terrible crossing, and woeful decision-making. This was a dire display from a guy with Ridvan waiting in the wings. 4


Good match from the Ecuador man – clearly a little off the speed but made up for it with good reading and broke up a fair few plays. Wasn’t adding much attack wise but did his best in from the cold. 7


Decent enough display from him individually but he and Cifu clearly don’t particularly work that well yet, and as a duo Rangers’ midfield was quiet. 7


He’s definitely well below his old form and we’re seeing the crappy Sima back. Poor passing, 2 shots off target, and while he runs a lot and gets in the dribbles, the lack of polish has return. Could do with a spell on the bench. 5


Started well and looked lively, faded a bit as the match went on but was one of Rangers’ most dangerous players. Unlucky to hit the bar. 7


Mediocre. Offering little these days, and seems anonymous in matches. Doesn’t have the influence of last season and Pittodrie was no different. 5


If he doesn’t get good chances, he can’t make things happen. He did get some shots in and he makes good runs but he’s not strong enough alone to dominate a defence. The Dons backline rather ate him up. 6



One excellent run and cross but otherwise had zero impact. 5


All the hype about him and we got a predictably anonymous display. 5


Absolutely blew two massive chances to win this. It’s clear why Sam Lammers hasn’t scored more than 9 goals in 5 years. 3


We were surprised by the lineup in all honesty, sticking by the same unreliable defence, picking the ineffective Cantwell over McAusland – it wasn’t the best XI we’ve ever seen, and it was frail for a lot of this match. Rangers came into it after the appalling goal, but the lack of proactiveness from Clement in this one was a concern. We sensed after 20 minutes this system and selection wasn’t working, but the manager left it till 70 minutes to change things. And frankly they had no impact. Of course, Clement not helped by having such an abysmal squad. He worked miracles for a month or so, now reality hits and the honeymoon is over. The real work begins now. 5

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